13712 Coppermine rd is over six miles from our actual location 1278 Willowbrook ct

What you have seen above is a system that will never be matched.

  •  All the flawlwas detailed information in the text, 
  • 100% accurate locations.
  • Protects you from 911‘s fatal flaws is they’re happen 
  • It took 3 second to send to 911.  
  • It took 2 seconds to automatically insert the   the text messag on to the cellllphone screen if you placed the call. 

When sending 911ip Text Messages, you can make contact with 911 when calls may drop off.

They keep  trying for days if not successful.




Before you beat up on Fairfax County 911, they are one of the good guys.  Two years ago, they revealed to major news networks how bad the wireless carrier’s locating system they use really is. 

The above example results happens thousands of times a day during the 650,000 911 calls and text. However, one fact is left out. How many Americans were not able to contact 911 because of their situation and desperately needed to. In 2018 the number of missing were 239,847 females under 21 reported missing, and 62,371 females over the age of 21 reported missing. 

How many of the 800,000 children  reported missing each year remain missing until they are found or their bodies are found.  

We defined all of the possible scenarios and factors.  After over four years finding the better way, we exceeded our expectations. 911ip is now on Apple and Android is being tested. 

First thing everyone must understand is, you can give 911 your correct address they always ask first. The 911 call taker can still say “we do not have that address.”  911 calls and text are sent to the wrong 911 call centers so often they have buttons to make the transfers. That is, if they know where it belongs? If they don’t, you may become a victim of the 911 system. You can watch the three minute video to see how and why this becomes fatal. 

The same thing can happen if they do not have your address or it’s wrong and you’re at the right 911 call center. 

Most 911 call centers do not allow the internet or google maps at the 911 call takers stations. So welcome to the 90s with you or your love ones life at stake. You pay for all this very expensive 911 equipment to a "nonprofit" each month on your phone bill. This fancy equipment is hook up to your carrier's 1990 outdated non digital system used to very poorly find and send your call and text to the right 911 call center.  The result is 10s of 1000s Americans die or permanently impaired each year. The Federal Commucation Commission (FCC ) says the carrier's think that good enough. 

Our best answer was to give you a system that is controlled by you. Even if you can not speak. It is based on fixed locations you frequent. Places like this are where approximately 90% of all 911 calls and text normally come from. This is your home, work, school, parking garage, hunting lease, dorms, golf course, etc. These places can have 100% accurate locations in every way information that is stored inside your cellphone under each situation button. A tap on any situation button and the situation and the 100% accurate information below is instantly retrieved from inside your cellphone and automatically inserted on to your cellphone’s screen and sent. If any of 911’s fatal flaws take place,during your 911 call or the text you sent, you have the information you preset in case the known fatal flaws happens.  911 can then instantly correct the flaw before it becomes fatal. 

This information form below is filled out and pasted in to 911ip’s set up Message Text box. This copyright and patent pending concept will save countless lives all over the world. 


HOME: street#, name, bldg#, flr#, apt or office#, city, st, zip, cty, ctry

911 CALL CENTER: call 911 non emergency ask for this address's jurisdiction. If they have more than one, they Must tell you Which One. 

LAT/LONG: get this by using 911ip


The HOME: can be substituted for WORK etc. This is done one time for your family,  co workers, classmates, etc to share and then add their personal information.  


Your address. number one fatal flaw. This address is 100% accurate and should be very detailed.  Anything to save time for 1st responders and 911 call takers. 

Your 911 call center.number two fatal flaw. Every address in America has a 911 call center assigned to it. If they have more than one,  your call or text can go to the wrong one, That 911 will need to take time you don’t have to transfer it. You need an ID not an address. If it goes to San Antonio from Corpus Christi Tx or From Canada to Houston Tx which happened, you need an ID.  

Please Note The 10 digit phone number. 911s go  down and this is very good to have. You know who to call. 

Latitude Longitude aka XY  number three fatal flaw.  This pin points your location when there is no address. 911 can enter the XY into their system to pin point your location. Like when your address is not or wrong in their data base.

Name/Profile Joe M Doe Single White Male 44, O+ not allergic, LP# Tx HB808M

Businesses,, government facilities, schools, churches, send their employees the completed 911ip’s format information to copy and paste into their 911ip Message text box when setting up their 911ip’s situation buttons. Sadly in this case, is a Shooter button. A tap on the Shooter button from the parking lot hopefully or anywhere in the store and 911 is sent the critical text message in a couple of seconds. It has all the details and the employee can communicate by text with 911. 

If your town does not have 911 texting, we can set it up in a couple of days at 911 if they like. . They will be able to receive photos and short videos with the text. 


This is how fast

Accuracy and Speed 

911ip makes the Ultimate Difference.

 In 5 seconds, we found your accurate current location and help protect you from 911‘s fatal flaws. We sent  911, family , and friends  a  text messages and a call if needed. 

911ip’s READY-POSITION  protects you in situations if they escalate. It stays READY until your situation changes. 

You tap the send button and 911 can instantly start to track you if you’re moving. The girls we feature here would he alive if they had 911ip. 

911ip's Enhanced found location with it’s logic is amazing.

911ip’s accurately finds your current location as you move and even when you can not speak

911ip's locations are automatically determined inside your cellphone in the 911ip application. The locations have proven to be more accurate than Uber locations. There is a special Now feature that allows you to update your location by extending the location process in remote areas with low reception signals. The more satellites you receive the more accurate your remote locations are. 911ip text messages can make contact when calls can not. They also keep continuing to try to make contact for days. 

The found addresses include street numbers and name, town, zip, county, state, country. Plus the latitude and longitude aka XY coordinates, and personal information. This critical information is automatically inserted on to your cellphone's screen. Tracking is instantly available for 911. No more waiting on Carriers. See this three  minute video for a better understanding.  

911ip's Ready position should always be set when you feel or see possible danger. 911 should always be contacted when either of the above situations take place.This should be part of your children DNA. If only Libby and Abby below had 911ip.

911ip's not moving Ready position. You tap on the Attacked situation button as an example and bring it to the send position and hold. If you feel danger tap to send the text on you cellphone's screen. If you start to move, 911 can follow you using 911ip locations.

Tap on NO for your Preset location.
Tap on YES to find your current location.

Customizable Situation Buttons

Tap on NO for your preset locations. Tap on YES to find your current location.

Please tap on Users for your Quick Start. Get Template

Why templates? Versatility  and one person can set up large groups, your family, co-workers, school mates, etc  in different languages.  You can set Google maps and 911ip to When Using. 

911ip is the major advancement in 911 safety and wellness. 911ip‘s very accurate critical information is processed and stored within your cellphone.  The opening 911ip flawless Exact text message above was instantly retrieved from the stored  critical information under each button inside our cellphone.  Then it was automatically inserted on to our cell screen in one second and sent  to 911, family and friends in one second. Photos, short videos, voice recordings and other attachments  can go to family and friends.  We can set up for 911 to receive also. 


Per the New York Post, over 50% of women who are murdered are killed by Ex lovers. 

The largest cause of deaths are Heart Attacks,  Strokes and Wrecks and can happen anywhere. 911ip makes every second count when you need it most.

911's system can send your 911ip call or text hundreds of miles away from where you actually are. Or, the right 911 call center may not have your address in their data base.
This is why your jurisdiction in the 911ip text message is so important. 911 can instantly transfer the Text to the correct 911 call center. The Peabody award winning major news network explains this very well in their video.

This 911ip text message is what was automatically inserted on your cellphone's screen in one second. The critical information in the text is perfect and we call it Exact. There is nothing approximate in the text. It's ready to share verbally or send the text to 911 and family and friends.  

Or, you can hold the text message in this position and wait for something to happen before instantly sending it with a tap. This can be done all night or during working hours in high risk jobs and situations.  The Ready stays up waiting for a tap to instantly send a 911ip text message like the one above to 911, family and friends.   This is easy to do without being noticed.  Who doesn't have a cellphone in their hand. It's very sad, but this mother's three children would be alive today if she simply took one second to do this before letting a complete stranger in her home. 

Some parents put their children at risk because they some how feel being cautious takes their freedom from them. Doing this, teaches their children to do the same.  The parents only concern should be what is best for their child, not you. 911ip's Exact one second feature will make the ultimate difference when it is needed.  

You can also take photos,short videos and up to 32 facetime viewers seeing what you are seeing.  They can be sent to other contacts besides 911 at the same time. 

The most you may ever want to do is edit the Home, Work, School, Play ? situation before sending. 


If you do not know your location, it usually dark when contacting 911 and you can't give 911 any land marks, you are  screaming and can't be understood, you can’t speak, it’s taking to much time, language barriers, or your handicap, 911 tries very hard to find callers and texters approximate street address each time. 

911 will now have your exact detailed location  like never before. At the same time, 911ip is providing additional protection from 911’s 2nd main fatal flaw. Your call or text being sent to the wrong 911 call center.  

If you do need your current location to be found, 911ip can automatically provide 911 your  locations, even as you move, that are more accurate than Uber locations. 911ip has the capability to provide other critical information like the county of the 911 call/text etc. Sadly, 911 does not. 

We suggest three 911ip very important buttons be set up. One for heart hospital, law enforcement, and fire.EMS. You and your spouse are the ones receiving these texts. They are instant preset special google searches for the nearest ones open 24/7 to where you are currently located.

You click on the sent google link you see on cellpnone screen. Then make your choice who to call or be directed to or both. 


We have 214 XXX 6000, 832 XXX 5555, 512 XXX 9444 to instantly switch 911 to the internet. Each of the VOIP phone numbers can instanty accept one hundred 911 call takers to accept 911ip calls and 911ip texters with accuracy never thought possible before.  Photos, short video, and voice recordings are also accepted. 


The Reality of Today's World.

Help me please! The vast majority of women can not physically protect their children. They need help as fast as possible and pepper spray. This mother could have instantly tapped on her 911ip   Abducted button to have 1st responders on their way as she jumped the car with her daughter.  Or she could have placed her cellphone in or out of his car somewhere, 911 could have then instantly started tracking  his movements using 911ip.  Sorry, you can't be helpless and unprepared in today's world. 

Fire No Room for Error. 911ip's Exact Location Plus

Subject: Fire

My Current Location  above, If not,  My Exact Location Plus below

Home: 115 Shantercliff Pl, Durham, NC 27712
Jurisdiction:  Lebanon Fire Station  
XY: 36.089445,-78.965037
Name: Joan Azar 51 MBF
License Plate: HT606C NC

The above Text Message  info is on your cell screen and sent to 911 in a couple of seconds. 

A prime example of why 911ip Exact is so badly needed. We have heard " I don't have that address' and  "That's as close as I can get" so many times from 911.  Chilling reality. 

800,000 children are reported missing each year.

You now need protect your children from the Cartel's new most horrendous and profitable crime. Human child Trafficking 

Mothers must recognize they physically can not protect their children.  Pepper spray in the eyes and a tap on the 911ip abducted button, this men can't see to drive and police are instantly coming to your accurate location. He is instantly done. 

We must let Technology give our children a chance and a way to survive in bad decisions and bad situations. 

Teach Your Kids to Tap a 911ip Home Invasion button and Hide

This 911 call was from a home phone. 911 Cell phone calls are completely different. 

Did these kids need to talk and put themselves  in danger when everything 911s needs to dispatch to location plus is in 911ip Exact Location Plus texts message.  

If texting is approved in your 911, it has several advantages. Text Messages can make contact and continue to try to make contact with 911 when calls can not and drop off. They are emotion free. Some 911 callers scream or can't talk.

Heart Attacks and Strokes are the major cause of death.

Heart Attacks are the major cause of deaths


You have your heart attack button with prior heart problems if any setup. You should have a Hospital button set up also. If you call 911, they are going to ask you questions to make sure you are having a Heart Attack. If you use 911ip to text 911, because you can't speak, it depends on the 911 call taker. 

What you do depends where the heart attack occurs. Sometimes going to the hospital is faster than waiting on 911 to come. We hear of some people are using Uber. But we have no opinion either way. The hospital buttton is an instant pregoogle search for heart hospitals with a 24/7 emergency nearest to your current location with review star ratings. When tapped on, the preset Google search is instantly on your cellphone's screen and also sent to you and your spouse. Chick on the google link to see how close you are and hit directions. God's speed. 


Hospital Button, copy and paste the google link above in to the Message's text box. Enter any prior problems with dates, Drs, and hospitals. List of drug dosage with when and how many you are taking. Your blood type and if you’re allergic to anything. Show the Hospital text to the ER.   


Do not live in fear but be aware

Haruka was a freshman at UT Austin.

She had a six minute walk  to her dorm at UT Austin after her ballet practice. It was Sunday at 9:00 PM. No one was around except a younger guy on a bike.  

She met him going opposite ways. They past each other while she was on her iphone in the video.  

If she would have had 911ip, she should of have set her iphone in the ready position before  beginning her walk. 

The 911ip critical found Text information  would have been automatically inserted on to her cell's screen. A tap on the green send button at anytime and the text is instantly at 911 and family and friends.

When every you are in a bad situation or because you made bad decision, let the 911ip Text stay up ready on your cell screen until you reached your destination or out of danger. 

He later attacked her. She could have instantly tap on the send button and sent her already found very accurate location to 911 and 9 family and friends without the attacker knowing it. He was found with her iphone. 

911 using 911ip‘s new tracking would have seen her very accurate locations as he moved her to the creek.  In minutes, 1st responders would have been directed to within 10 feet of her location. He kept her at the creek for almost two hours. She would be alive today If she had 911ip.  

Austin Tx, 911 Told 911ip,

We are Call 911 people. We have texting but we want victims to call 911. We don’t need 911ip texting here. We question that deadly decision. 

If you have a student at UT Austin, I would be very concerned about their logic. 

Mayors and County Officials Stop the Needless Deaths .


911ip's Ready position waits until you need it !

We try to learn from what did not bring the child home.

Do you know how many kids and teenagers die without a clue how to react. 

Most do not contact 911 because they wait to late.  911ip's Ready position example above, as you can see, waited for two hours for you to instantly tap the send button going to 911 and family and friends in seconds. 


911ip's Shooter Options. 

911ip's testing of schools have revealed fatal flaws. We can assist you in testing your schools for 911 problems. With Apple OS 12.1 up , a group of 32 facetime people can see what you are seeing at your known location. 

Back to School time. 

911ip's Walking Home from School.  

Your child can now tap on one button to automatically send you their google location link as they calling you. Just click on the link to be instantly directed to their very accurate location.  If the call is dropped or cut off you still have their text message location. 911ip text messages can make contact with 911, family and friends when calls can not and then be instantly tracked by 911. 

Possible FaceTime showing anyone bothering them. Or, they can send photos and videos. 

911ip's Staying Home after School. 

According to a United States Department of Justice report: 38% of assaults & 60% of rapes occur during home invasions. Over 2,000,000 homes will experience a break-in or burglary this year. We will show you two videos in this case. One highlights how important it is to have 911ip's text messages going to family, friends and neighbors at the same time it goes to 911

Libby and Abby killer.

Who teaches your kids what to do in bad situations.

Libby and Abby

 This is a very high profile tragedy covered by every major network. The Dr. Phil interview above. 

Sad but true. If the girls had 911ip, this tragedy had a very good chance of being avoided. 

The girls were at the end of the railroad trestle and had no place to go. The killer was approaching them from the direction they needed to get back to the park.   

Evidently their video shows, he had approached them before or their gut told them something was wrong.  

At this point, they could have hit their 911ip Attack button and Yes. Their very accurate critical location and other life saving information is now on their cell screen.  A tap on the 911ip send button is activated and at anytime the 911ip text message can instantly be at the Delphi 911 call center. Then Delphi 911  can now dispatch police and start to use 911ip to track the girls moving locations. 

Their automatically 911ip found accurate current location below is usually within ten feet of them, with county, zip, Situation Attacked, who they are, age, sex that was  automatically inserted on to their cell phone’s screen in seconds. 

When he moved towards them,  she unknown to him tapped on 911ip send button and  it's instantly gone  to 911 family and friends. She put her cell in her pocket like she did before.  

But this time there is a huge difference. The very accurate location information below is on Delphi's 911 call takers screen in seconds.  Click on the Google link to see what 911 can now instantly do using 911ip. 


Near Unnamed Road, Delphi, IN 46923, Carroll County,  United States

Subject: Attacked
Message: My Current found location is above.  if not, my Exact location is below. 

Libby's 911ip profile & Exact information would be here.  

The 911 call center can now instantly dispatch law enforcement to the pin point location provided by 911ip’s XY coordinates aka latitude longitude.  

911 can now, like never before, instantly and accurately starts to track the girls movements. The accurate locations are coming from within our Enhanced location system inside her cell phone. Not from your carrier's 911 inaccurate locating tower‘s system they now use.  

This is approximately the area where they were found. 


Law enforcement would have been on top of their locations before they ever reached this area where they were found.  Some say, their phone's stayed on past 5:00 pm. 

911ip‘s Text Messaging allows 911 to instantly start tracking using the text connection. Text have less of a chance of dropping off than a voice calls. 


Maybe parents will learn from this and have 911ip on their cells and pepper spray when ever possible. 


You know the ending of this story. You probably would not be reading this now. 

Always Always, contact 911 when your gut warns you. You have that right when you feel you are in danger. If you're wrong, say I'm sorry. You are not going to be in any trouble if you're wrong. 

911 receives 30 million if not more butt dials each year. Our button system is faster than dialing 911 and stops the butt dials. You deserve a few I'm sorry for just using 911ip