Our Mission Statement. 

911ip's mission is to automatically help protect your loved ones and you by using our 911ip safety and wellness system inside you cell phone.  Our system in seconds instantly provides the 911 call centers and 1st responders with what is happening to you, where this is happening, and to whom by tap on a button. Even if you are unable to talk.  You probably do not realize how huge that can be. 

This is why 911 want ..show you.. 911ip’s compared results.

Using 911ip to contact 911 can make the ultimate difference. 

Her Mom had no idea Shanell could have read 911 the county she was in from a 911ip text message automatically inserted on to her cell screen. Her call would have been transferred to that county’s Sheriff with her pin point XY location to help save herself. 

Mrs Amber Lee.  Using 911ip, 911s can Now instantly start tracking your moving locations like never before. 

911ip Now allows 911s to instantly and accurately start to track you. 

Jayme Closs’s parents gave their lives protecting her

911ip, allows your town to have a safety and wellness system far superior to your present or future 911 locating and routing system. 

Each family member can tap on their own 911ip Exact System. 

Like in this Home Invasion situation to call, read or send a text message to 911 in 5 seconds containing NO unknowns. Now, 911 can  instantly dispatch 1st responder to help.  

Using 911ip, 

911 and other contacts can now instantly know at the same time what is happening and exactly where to go to help you. 

The above are custom Situation Task buttons to tap on to start each Individual to take place.

911ip! Exact locations that take much less Time to help you.

Don't live in fear but be prepared to handle the situation the Best Way Possible, 911ip.com.

When you contact your present 911, you have no idea which 911 fatal flaws can turn deadly for you and your loved ones. 

We know what can happen. We see it every day. We are in a town of less than fifty thousand and there has been five murders in the last three months that could have  possibly been avoided if they had 911ip. 

 Its sad  knowing the Fairfield hotel manager mother of three boys would of had a chance to raise her boys.  

 The mayor refuses to show his citizens how they can protect themself when his 911 can not. This is even after we 911 tested 911ip in his town and found fatal flaws.  

 In Jayme's case, 

The 911 operator was doing everything possible to find out what was going on but she does have the tools to do so. This is what takes place in all 911s. Time is something the Closs' did not have. 

Apple, Google and Us can find your accurate current location but it takes more time to get it as accurate as it needs to be. Plus It is  always an approximate location. 

911s would rather have your instant zero no doubt exact current location to dispatch 1st responders to help you.  You can provide it to them in five second by tapping on a situation tbutton. You can't only rely on 911 if your family and you want to live when calling 911.

911ip makes that happen for more than 80% of the 200 million wireless 911 caller's each year and the almost 20 million who did not have a chance to call 911 because they could not talk. 

This 911 should have No unknown questions of where and what was going on at the Closs' home because they would be using 911ip's Exact Plus feature. 

An instant tap on their 911ip Home Invasion button was the first thing  any of the Closs' should have done when the murderer shot the front door down.  911 should have 1st responders to their house in five minutes  from when one of the Cloos' tapped on their home invasion button in this case.  

The murderer said, the Sheriff cars went by him leaving the house. 

Even after the time spent on the no talk 911 call. How many times does a minute or two make the ultimate difference. Especially when 911s are handling 200 million wireless 911 calls a year. 

911ip can dramatically decrease 1st responders response times. 

This is an 911ip Exact detail address not a Google or Apple approximate found address with Home Invasion and 911ip has much more information automatically inserted on to the Closs' cell screen and sent to 911 because they could not talk. 

Jayme's dad and mom paid the ultimate price protecting their child with no help . God bless their souls.

The major fatal flaws of 911 system is the time it takes obtaining and dispatching where and what is taking place when 911 is called. 

This mainly due to the wireless carrier's 1997 analog tower system. 


We feel using 911ip that 1st responders would have been there before he left the house.  

911s wants you to call. But you can't  speak more than 65 % of the time in priority one deadly situations. 

Today's world requires new ways to protect your family.  When you and your wife die protecting your child from a crazy stranger at 1:00 am starts breaking down your front door to kidnap your 13 year old daughter. Change is required.  

We assume Mr Closs did not have a gun. But families should at least have pepper or bear spray and a baseball bat if not a gun. You hit him with bear spray coming in the door and the spray will blind him for enough minutes help the situation. Move to the side from where you were you're standing when spraying. 

So, his best choice is to have 911ip on his cell phone with texting to 911. 

Jayme having 911ip on her cell, she should have tapped on her custom home invasion situation button. Then answered Yes to tap on the provided 911 call button on her cell screen with the volume turned all the way down. 911 can hear what is happening then.  

Her doing this also starts your 911ip Enhanced location plus system processing and setting it up for tracking her locations.  This action allows 911 to be able to instantly and very accurately track her moving locations. 

You  heard the reporter.  It  took 12 hours to set up the Amber Alert. 

That can’t happen the life window is usually three hours for abduction. 

If she could have hidden her phone, on herself or in his car somewhere, he would have been instantly stopped.  

You would be surprised how many criminals keep the victim's cell phones.  With 911ip processing, 911 can know your moving locations within 10 feet in some cases.   

If someone was able to follow him, they could also use their own 911ip and have 911  instantly track themselves following her. 

911ip works anywhere in the world. All you need is a gps on your cell phone with a signal. 

You just look at your cell phone's screen when the person you called answers.


You can then read the text message with your automatically found very accurate current location information or the information you preset under each Situation Task button.  You can also send the Text Message to numerous contacts or FaceTime.

FYI, 911ip Text  Messages can make contact with 911 and others  when  voice calls can not and drop off.  Text continue to try to make contact  for days. 

We hope this gave you some idea what you must do to help yourself in 911 situations.  Don't be a victim. 

48 Hours

When not using the emergency feature, 911ip can be used business, pleasure, sports games  individual task asking and answering What, Where, When and Why with a tap on a button. 

160 Million 911ip Exact User sent this to 911 in 5 seconds.

80% of the time when using 911ip to contact 911  in an emergency, you can give 911 your Exact street number & name, your unit  building  floor numbers, city, county, state,zip.  

There is zero doubt of where you are.  

But there are times when your location is not enough.  911ip also includes your plus info to help 911 correct their other fatal flaws. 

911ip determines your very accurate found current location from the location data within the cell phone for the 20% of the time you need it. 

Why want 911 ...... show you.... 911ip’s compared results.

911ip's Exact Location plus system gives the world a simple safety and wellness system like never before. 

911ip is a system not just an app. It can be dowloaded in seconds. 

But, in 5 seconds can correct all the deadly flaws that 100s of 1000s of Americans have died from by your carrier's deadly flawed locating and routing system. 

We are amazed why President Trump, your Governor, Mayor, and  911 continue to let people die among  the 650 thousand 911 calls each day. 

911ip is the instant solutions.

911ip.com instantly helps stop 911 deaths.

Today, 911ip accurately found locations helps find 95% of it's Users before 911 answers their 911 call. 

You do nothing but tap on a  911ip situation button and look at your cell screen to give 911 the information they need or send it by text. 

You can read off or text your accurate location and the plus information to help 911 correct their flaws which could turn fatal. 

911ip automatically post your very accurate location on our your cell phone‘s screen. 



There are 240,000,000 911 calls in America each Year. 80% are from Cell Phones

 The Send button above is your life line.  You are a tap away from 911 family and friends seeing you needing help. Your 911ip system has already automatically determined your accurate found location and gave them what is happening to you in seconds. 

You make the decision to tap and send if you can't talk or read the text message automatically posted on to your cell screen when 911 answers.  

Our 911ip system thinks every user should compliment their protection with a good pepper or bear spray. Legal in your state. 


We are passionate about helping  prevent crimes and stopping the needless deaths.

Yes, a quarter billion 911 calls a year is enormous but what about the other hundred million who were not able to call 911. Or the 60% of callers who 911 could not find. 

Get it ?  This is a huge problem that could make the difference if your child lives or dies. 

This site is about you having the knowledge  of  knowing what we have experienced developing our 911ip safety and wellness system . 

First of all,  911 trying to find your location and route your call to the correct 911 call center can only happen less than 50% of the time for a 911 caller. How  long  it  takes to find the 40% they can find has  major issue.  

911 callers have no idea what they are about to experience. 

You should not put your loved ones in that situation without them knowing what they are about to face. 

Look at the numbers. Total number of 911 calls plus Americans needing 911 but could not call each year equals to the population of America. 

We hope you gain some insight from the opening video into your present day 911 locating system. 

This is a rare look at two large Fairfax Va and Atlanta Ga. 911 systems.  

To put it bluntly, the vast majority of 911 politics is they don't want this shown to the public. The fatal flaws of the carrier's 911 locating system are deadly. 

When 911 can't find you they can't help you and their Don’t Tell philosophy has been going on for decades. 

911ip has developed a system you use to contact 911.  Nothing changes at your local 911 except you now have a 100% better outcome from the time you called 911 to the time you have 1st responders to your current location to help you. 

When contacting 911, you are instantly in the hands of your smart phone with 911ip to determine your current location. A system that has proven to be more accurate than Uber location. 

You‘re not on the carrier‘s deadly 1997 911 analog locating system.  

When 911 ask What is your location, you look at your cell screen where 911ip automatically posted a text message with all your critical  emergency information. If you can talk, you read it to them. If you can not talk, you send the text message to 911, family, friends, neighborhood watch, Security patrol, etc. 

In the 911ip text message, is plus information because you may need it. You knowing your current location does not always get you help.  Like in Shanell’s case in the opening video. 

The plus information is to help 911 solve your 911 call being mis routed by the carrier’s towers to the wrong 911 call center. 

It also helps 911 when your call went to the correct 911 center and 911 does not have your address or the correct address is wrong in their  jurisdiction database.

You must rely on yourself to help correct the fatal flaws of the current 911 system. It’s all done for you when using 911ip and having the right answers stored inside 911ip in your cell phone. 

You would think your local politicians would be happy helping their citizens stay alive.  We ask to film the 911 test and show your citizens the difference in response times.  But the old cover up of their present deadly 911 system is still in effect. 

What is  your location is always 911's first question.  You now always know the correct answers to 911's life saving questions when using 911ip's Exact Location Plus system. 

911ip's Enhanced Location Plus is your current accurate found location when you do not know it. Proven to be more accurate than Uber locations.  You now have a 100% better 911 outcome. Due to you using 911ip to determine your current location from inside our priority locating system in your cell phone.

The Federal  Communication Commission states, for every minute we save in 911 response time, 10,000 Americans lives will be saved each year. This does not include the staggering number of those being maimed. 

They also state , you presently have less than 50% chance of being found by 911 if you don't your current location. 

Stay Alive with 911ip.

911ip now gives 160 million 911  caller's their Exact Location Plus critical information in 5 second.

The Exact location is for your Home, Work, School, Marina, Hunting Lease, Golf Cub locations you are Leary of and likely dangerous. Parking garages an lots, 

You should ask your hotel to give you this information for extended stay hotels on vacation. Especially overseas and It just takes a minute to create a 999 or 112 button.  

This is as fast as you just dialing 911.

The Plus Information helps protect you from the wireless carrier's existing fatal flaws. You need to know more than just your location. Because, there are other deadly flaws that still exist. 

Your Exact Location with Plus information is so accurate it could go directly to dispatch and by pass the 911 call center.  We are sure that want happen because of the great jobs 911 call takers do.  

This is what 911ip's Exact Plus information can correct during a 911 call.

Your call must be automatically routed to the correct 911 call center by the carrier's  deadly tower system. This does not happen all the time. It’s common. You knowing your correct JURISDICTION CORRECTS THIS.

The correct 911 call center must have your correct address in their database with no errors.  You knowing and having your correct XY COORDINATES CORRECTS THIS

YOU KNOWING YOUR CORRECT LICENSE PLATE NUMBER can be a big life saver in situations like wrecks, heart attacks, abducted or car jackings. 

With 911s having all this information in 5 seconds, your safety and wellness has now been increased to off the charts like never before.  

You need to know this , Until all these 911 fatal flaws above are  corrected, 911 will not dispatch your 911 call to send 1st responders. 

You hear law enforcement and fire reporting response times and they do a great job. But that does not include the sometimes long period it takes for the 911 call center to determine the location of the caller.

911ip’s Exact accuracy is your Exact current location. Not Apple or Google‘s clearing house approximate found current location that sometimes is not as accurate as it needs to be to make the ultimate difference. 

Apple and Google‘s clearing house will soon be giving some 911s, your found approximate location. This location will come from your cell phone which is a good thing . But it’s still not an 911ip Exact current location with your unit , floor, and building number. 

If you live in an apartment or work in a high rise, 911ip's Exact location plus is a must have for you.  

This sensitive information is stored inside your cell phone under each  situation's button and is easy to edit. 

Only 911ip’s Plus information is given to 911 to help you with the still remaining deadly flaws of the wireless carrier’s 911 system. 

The Big News for you,  911s will now have both your 911ip Exact Location Plus for the approximate 160 million 911 callers and texters In America. Then Apple and Google’s Clearing house will bring your approximate location to 911 to help support your decision as the 911 Caller or Texter to use your 911ip Exact Location Plus system.   If the  clearing  house 911 call drops off, it does not matter. You always have each system backing each other. 

911ip's found Enhanced Current Location Plus system has proven to be more accurate than Uber locations and our Exact current Locations Plus system is always EXACT. Always consistent and accurate not like found locations that are effect by weather conditions and overloaded cell towers.

With 911ip's Exact Current Location Plus, 

  • In five second, your automatically inserted Situation and Exact street address with the floor, unit, bldg number along with the county, city, zip, country,
  •  the XY coordinates of that street address aka longitude an latitude 
  • the important jurisdiction for that street address
  • your name and age. martial status, race, sex, blood type
  • Your license plate. 

All the information above is automatically inserted on to your cell screen as a text message. This  is  done by tapping on a situation button. 

911ip's Situation buttons helps stop America’s 911s 70 million butt dials they receive each year. 

 911ip can instantly send the 911ip  text message to 911, family, friend, and  neighborhood watch, security patrol coast guard, homeland security or the cajun navy.  

Photos and video can also be sent at the time with the 911ip text message showing the situation. 

Tell 911 the Jurisdiction in the text and then say your location.  Don’t waste your critical time talking to the wrong 911 jurisdiction. Mis routing of your 911 call is a  common occurrence. 911 call centers even have buttons to transfers you to the correct 911 call center 


A Call 911 button option is also automatically inserted on to your cell screen .

The plus information remains on your cell's screen to help 911 help you when their fatal flaws happen. Like when you’re in Shanell's situation in the opening video. But you can stay alive. 

With 911ip, every person who is ask "What is your location” by 911, 999, or any emergency agency in the world, will now be able to instantly look at their cell screen and give them their Exact Location or their very accurate found current location and more. 

How many tens of thousands of American will 911ip Save?  Your loved ones are enough for us.  

911ip’s critical information can travel over the wireless carrier’s towers and down the internet at the same time. This is done by a tap on one of 911ip’s Situation Button.  

Cardiac arrest strikes over 700,000 people each year in America, killing the vast majority of those individuals.  Following a cardiac arrest, each minute without treatment decreases the likelihood of surviving without disability, and survival rates depend greatly on where the cardiac arrest occurs, 

More Women die than men because they wait to late to use 911ip. 

There are almost 800,000 strokes in America a year. 

There are 1.3 million deaths by auto accident in America and 20 to 50 million disabilities and injury result.

There are 2 million Home Invasion.  1.2 million are by forceable entry. 

20% of America women will be raped in their life time. 

25% of American children will be sexually abuse before they are 18. 

100,000 American Children Are Forced Into Prostitution Each Year

The list goes on and on.

Beware, for your loved ones sake. Use 911ip to Automatically take control of where you are when you need help. 

We have contacted  the Federal Communication Commission with our update.  Everyday they delay informing the public that they can now instantly look at their cell screen and when 911's  ask "What is your location". You can answer by simply looking at your cell screen.

Not knowing this may cost 10,000s of 1000 Americans their life, being  disabled or injured. 

The FCC must give you the option to save save your children from the untold truths your local 911s want show you.  Stop giving the excuse we have no control over 911s. 

1000s upon 1000s Americans die needlessly from a system each month you wait. 


911ip Exact Locations prevents this from happening to you.

Kayli should have grabs her life saving pepper spray and tap on the her 911ip Home Invasion button. Now in 5 seconds 911 has all their Exact Location Plus information to dispatch 1st responders. Probably the same policeman that God sent but sooner. 

You saw 911 was having problems with their location and Kayli screaming. With 911ip, their Exact Location Plus, not a found location, is at 911, family, friends, and neighbors at the same time by text without any screaming. 

You can't rely on luck but you can 911ip to help you.

Using 911ip Enhanced Locating system, you unknowingly  tap on  your 911ip Abducted Situation button and send 911 your very accurate automatically found 911ip location by texting.

The 911 call centers say "all we  had to do using 911ip is refresh our screen and the locations we were receiving were very accurate."

911 texting, you can also tap on the inserted call button and on the Now button again to send a moving text. 

911ip is proceesing your very accurate location while you were calling 911. 



Who can you trust??

Sarah Stern 19

This childhood best friend grab her from the back and started choking her. One shake of her phone and a tap on No with 911ip and all her detail location info and other preset Plus information would have been at 911 by text message in a couple seconds. 

If he tried to stop her, he would have had to stop choking her and grab for the phone. She was an athlete and at least she had a chance then.  

The monster carried out his plan to rob and murder her. This was on 20/20. 

They video is him explaining what happened when he killed her. Below 


You ask why your kids need 911ip to help them in unexpected bad situations. Give them a chance to live. 

Disturbing Video, 

911ip was design for Libby and Abby to have made it home.

When you feel you are in danger, you tap on 911ip contact 911. 

With 911ip, they should have taken photos as he approached to send with their very accurate found location automatically inserted on her cell screen.

The text message is instantly sent to 911, family and friends with a tap on the send button.

This 911ip Text also opened her cell to our processed location information to 911 for tracking their movements. 

Texas want let us educate Schools the options of staying alive in bad situation. 


All the above Exact Location Plus info to 911 in 5 seconds

Your Exact Location Plus sent to 911 and other contacts in 5 Seconds Without Anyone Knowing.

We were told by a pharmacist working the late shift with a cashier in Austin TX, that CVS gives them a phone number to call in case of an armed robbery. She said, that is always on my mind. When am I supposed to make this call before or after he shoots me. 

The answer that saves lives. She should have her cell phone with 911ip's Exact Location Plus on it. She has it ready to tap on the green arrow, shown in the image above, to instantly send all her critical information to 911 and family and friends. 

The cashier should do the same.  Any customers from anywhere in the store with 911ip can use their Enhanced Location Plus to send 911 Armed Robbery by pressing their button. 

The criminals have no idea 1st responders are on their way.

A Stranger has your child and they're moving in a car.

Using 911ip's Enhanced Locating Plus

The Mother jumps in her car and taps her 911ip's Abducted button and then instantly taps the provided call button. While she is waiting for 911 to answer, 911ip has processed you very accurate location  

911 can now instantly fetch, like never before, the Mother's location that 911ip determined and opened up her cell  locations for 911 to follow. 

The mother should give the child abductor licenses plate to 911. So codis can get involved. 

Fire No Room for Error. 911ip's Exact Location Plus

Tap on your 911ip Fire button, No

Subject: Fire

My Current Location  above, If not,  My Exact Location Plus below

@Home=115 Shantercliff Pl, Durham, NC 27712  
@Jurisdiction= Lebanon Fire Station  919 560 0900
@XY= 36.089445,-78.965037
@Name= Joan Anderson 51 MBF
@License Plate HT606C NC

The above Text Message  info is on your cell screen and sent to 911 in 5 seconds. 

In this case,  the correct fire station could also receive the same 911ip Text with photos as a notification at the same time.  

Teach Your Kids to Tap a 911ip Home Invasion button and Hide

This 911 call was from a home phone. 911 Cell phone calls are completely different. 

Did these kids need to talk and put themselves  in danger when everything 911s needs to dispatch to location plus is in 911ip Exact Location Plus texts message.  

If texting is approved in your 911, it has several advantages. Text Messages can make contact and continue to try to make contact with 911 when calls can not and drop off. They are emotion free. Some 911 callers scream or can't talk.


911ip dramatically saves your children.

January 1, 2019 Parker Haire‘s.

We were told his initial deadly 911 call was automatically mis routed to the wrong 911 county call center. 

When this happens, the wrong 911  normally has no quick way of locating Parker in a reasonable amount of time.

Neither Huron County or Tuscola County emergency services will not answer who received the mis-routed call and the time line of 911 calls from Parker.  1st responders tried very hard for two days to find him but it was to late. 

We can say to Michigan State University, if Parker would have 911ip’s Enhanced Location Plus he would be alive today. In a few seconds, he would have had his very accurate location within 10 feet of him. The XY coordinates is automatically inserted on to his cell screen. He could have read or texted it to 911. But we were told their texting was down. 911 could have used 911ip to tracked Parker movements like never before if it was up. Texts can make contact with 911 when calls can't.

911 texting was down but family and friends will receive the 911ip Text Message sent at the same time.  They would have received his google link to tap on to be directed to his accurate location. 

This brings up another important point that should never be over looked. 911ip has a Roadside Services  and an Uber Assist situation  buttons 

Parker should have used both to bring help to him at the same time.  Both will have his very accurate google link location after the Uber Driver is sent his 911ip's google link location proven to be more accurate than Uber locations. 

Parents should advise their children of this and have both on their cell phones for emergency uses. 

The big problem Parker did not have 911ip, Apple and Google new technology to dramatically help save him. 

You want hear about 911ip from most 911s. 

Its either change or continue to let people die needlessly from the present 911 system. 

Mayors and County Officials Stop the Needless Deaths .