Over the past twenty years hundreds of thousands Americans  have been victims of the  wireless carrier’s 1997 analog deadly 911 locating and routing system.  

1. 50% of all 911 wireless callers can not be found by 911 if the caller doesn't know their current location.

2. Even if you know your current location, your 911 calls or text can still be fatally mis-routed to the wrong 911 call center.

3. If your 911 call or text makes it beyond your carrier's cell tower, your correct address may not be correct in your 911's data base or not at all. 

4. Emotionally charged 911 calls cost response time and wrong information.

The above flaws will kill before you know it and has cost hundreds of thousands Americans their lives.  

Like the former Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission says,  "Your wireless carriers think this is good enough" They send their lobbyist to congress to deliver their message and campaign contributions. Your children continue to die until companies like us 911ip and Rapid SOS. 

After four years, 911ip has said, to heck with them. Here is the solution no matter what they do.

911ip's Exact and Enhanced Found system basically solves 911's location fatal flaw. At the same time, we dramatically and automatically help eliminate the effects of the other fatal flaws.

Your family or anyone that wants to make it through a bad 911 situation needs to take a few minutes to get things right before you are in the middle of an emergency and its to late. 

911ip helps give your loved ones and you the best possible results in  times of an emergency and other daily task. 

We understand and have  extensively tested for four years with 911 in different situations. 

911ip helps bring your loved ones home and not to be one of the tens of thousands who don't come home each year because of the deadly flawed carrier's 911 wireless tower locating and routing system. 

We let your family and friends receive the same 911 text message at the same.

But you can receive pics and short videos that 911s are not sure they want to receive. 

They are other family locators apps with  less accuracy’s but are fine and serve their purpose. 

But, 911ip is about privacy and  HIPAA.  911s are the only ones allowed to accurately track your moving locations from inside our 911ip Enhanced locating system from within your cell phone. 

You personally can continue sending your moving location by with a tap on the Now button.  But 911 is allowed t do it automatically. 

Our 911ip Exact System will give 85% to 90% of the 175 million 911 wireless callers and texters each year, Exact detailed locations with immediate help to eliminate the effects of wireless carriers 911's present deadly flaws.

Your Home, Job, School, Vacation Homes , Hunting leases, Marinas, long stay Hotels in strange countries or unknown cities ,etc are some examples of custom Exact locations. 

Places where you spend the majority of your time are the vast majority of where your 911 calls will usually take place. 

Exact information is Instantly sent to 911 and others in five seconds by a tap on your custom Situation button. 

Your Exact location’s critical life saving information can be at 911  and other emergency numbers in the world in five second. The critical information is determined from within your cell phone and not just from the carrier's deadly 911 tower  system. 

911ip's Exact and  Enhanced Found system basically solves 911's location  fatal flaw and  dramatically eliminates the effects of the other fatal flaws. 

911ip greatly decreases response times from when you contact 911 to when 911 dispatches 1st responders to help you. 

911ip is definitely needed and is the major improvements for 911s to help protect your loved ones and you from these 20 year old  fatal flaws. 

The information and corrections are coming from within your cell phone.  Then it is automatically inserted onto your phone‘s cell screen for immediate access to the critical information and silent sharing if needed to 911, family, friends, neighborhood watch patrol security. 

You can say and refer to the life saving information when 911 answers the call and ask for your location. Or you can silently send the same Exact information by text message to 911 and others at the same time.  

This takes place even if you can not speak or can’t wait for 911 to answer. 

You can give 911 your XY coordinates aka Longitude and Latitude on your cell screen for 911 to enter into their system. They can then see your Exact location on their jurisdiction map.

We are also introducing plus codes to 911. If your 911 call center has internet, which is not common, your 911 can enter the Alfa numeric characters into their browser to view your Exact location on google maps


Fri, 16:54:15

Subject: Home Invasion 


@Home =  3600 Gulf Freeway # 106, La Marque Tex-77538 Galveston County USA

@Jurisdiction = La Marque Tex-

@XY= https://www.google.com/maps/place/29.3712736,-94.9982459

@Plus code= 76x792C2+GP

@Name= Joe Doe 38 MWM O+ 

License Plate= HB808C

911ip’s Exact system and Enhanced found location system can instantly provide 911 call centers and 1st responders with what is happening to you, your accurate location where this is happening, and to whom by a tap on a  911ip situation button. Even if, you are unable to talk.

Pics and short videos can also be sent to others at the same time.  

If you live in an apartment or multi unit family complex, 911ip Exact is a must have.  911 emergencies often happen and are very hard finds for 911s. This makes it easy to change your information  if you move homes and jobs, etc..

You can give 911 and others your unit, floor and building number and other important info In case you are caught in a fatal flaw. 

You can also place the XY coordinates drop pin and plus code Exactly on top of your apartment on maps. 

Our 911ip Enhanced Found System  gives  the remaining 10% of all 911 callers and texters contacting 911, a 100% extremely better outcomes with life saving results.

When you are one of the hunred of thousands who can’t speak but needed to contact 911, you can now silently do so by a tap on a 911ip situation button.  Then you can speak or send the preset text message from your cell’s screen. 

Many times it takes 911 longer to gather your information than it takes for 1st responders to get to you to help.  Not so when using 911ip to contact 911.  In seconds, we automatically give you your critical information to help 911. . 

Below, you can see the other 911ip information provided to help 911 and you determine which 911 call center your call or text belongs.  

You see, 911ip‘s has automatically provided  your county, Brazoria and the town, Manvel. Sometimes this is broken down into proprietary areas called jurisdictions. 

We know that is confusing and is why it can be fatal. They only have maps of just their juridiction area. They are truly separate inities. 

Each one is as good as your mayor and county officals want them to be. 

Your 911 call or text should go to the correct  911 call center in Manvel,Tx, in Brazoria county in this case. 

911ip gives you critical information and more which you normally don’t have to help get you out of bad situation. 

But, the town’s 911 call center info is only as correct as 911 ‘s data base sources. 

But it is 100% better than what 911 can provide. 911 address data base  have errors and you need know that before you experience them in an emergency. 

The carrier's automatically routing system can be  deadly when your call or text and it goes to the wrong 911 call  center. 

Not knowing and not having 911ip, May cost you your life.  


19224 Highway 6,

Manvel - 77578

Brazoria, United States

Sat, 18:11:34

Subject: WreckEMS

Message: My Current Location is Above. If not, my Exact Location is below. 

@Work= 9934 San Marcos dr #126, Webster, Tx 77527 Harris County


911ip is that big advancement in staying alive in an emergency that everyone is talking about. The subject matter is, do you want to live in a bad situation? If the answer is Yes,  Then 911ip can Help you make that happen. 

You are now able to instantly and accurately answer,  when ask by 911 "What is your location." by simply looking at your cell’s  screen. 

911ip automatically post your critical info onto your cell phone's screen for instant access and sharing. 

911ip Enhanced Locations have proven to be more accurate than Uber Location. 

You will now find accurate answers to help 911 help you like never before.  

This change dramatically helps stop tens of thousands deaths, maimings and injuries each year.  


You also have the ability to send the text message information which  is automatically appearing on your cell phone’s screen to 911 and others in seconds.  

The Text can also have possible photos and videos without speaking which is even more life saving. 

911ip's Plus Information instantly helps corrects the wireless carrier's existing fatal flaws that can be deadly.


Our system helps save the millions of Americans  who previously never had no way to contact 911 because of their situation. 

They will now be able to unknowingly do so by a silent tap on a life saving situation send button.  

How many deaths, maims and injuries could be avoided when they occur from the 650,000 911 calls each day in America by only using 911ip to contact 911? Your loved ones or you are enough. 

The figure is staggering when it only takes five seconds to deliver all the information needed to a 911 call center. 911 can now have ability to instantly bring your loved ones home. 

911ip will now instantly give 911s the ability to track you when using your 911ip Enhanced location information system from inside your cell phone.

This can be done by calling or texting 911. However, 911ip texting allows 911 to dramatically reduce the possiblity of dropping the connection. 


This is why 911 want ..show you.. 911ip’s compared results.

Shannel died knowing and spelling her exact location to 911.

Her mother like you have no idea what deadly 911 flaws your child faces when calling 911. 

The cause was a common 911 automatic mis-routings of her call to the wrong 911 call center.  

With 911ip, she could have simply looked at her cell phone screen and given 911 the county she was in and 911 would have transfered her call to the Sheriff of that county. 

Mrs Lee and Shannel would have had the 100% better way of coming home with 911ip.

Uber can be dangerous. Drivers are not checked out

Always ask the driver your name before getting in. This driver may be on drugs and you are alone in a car with a stranger. 

911ip enables you to instantly tap a send button. An unknown silent 911ip Abducted text instantly goes to 911 and others to make the ultimate difference. 

911ip instantly allows 911 to start tracking your accurate movements. This is your ultimate best way out of a deadly situation.

Texts stay connected to 911 better. 

911ip has proven to be more accurate than Uber locations. 

Jayme Closs’s parents gave their lives protecting her

911ip, superior safety and wellness system . 

911 and the other contacts can now instantly know at the same time what is happening to you and exactly where to go to help you.   

Like in the Closs situation. Anyone in the house could have silently sent a call, text message, and email notifications to 911 in 5 seconds. 

911ip dramatically cuts the time it takes from your call or text to 911's arrival. 

911 can now instantly dispatch 1st responders in never before record responding times. 

The above are custom Situation Task buttons to tap on to start each Individual to take place.

911ip! Exact locations take much less Time to help you !

Don't live in fear but be prepared to handle the situation the Best Way Possible, 911ip.com.

911ip has dramatically improved the time from when the emergency first takes place to the time 1st responders are dispatched to you. This is greatly needed.

Jayme's case as an example. 

The 911 operator was doing everything possible to find out what was going on but she took seven minute to do so. 

911ip would have given that 911 their Home Invasion,  their Exact Location, and who needed help in 5 Yes five seconds. 

An email or text as well of the call with the volume turned down so the killer can’t hear the 911 call taker, all at 911 in five seconds. 

The call taker should have dispatched in one minute. 

1st responders said it took them four minute to get to Jayme’s house.  A total of five minute.  It took eleven 11 minutes. 

Six minutes sooner.  The killer said, he pulled off the road to let police pass going to the Closs’s house. 

Surely, one of Closs would have tap their Home Invasion  button as soon as he shot down the door. He had no connection to the Closs'.

Don't let this be your story ? 

Tell your mayor you demand change in the way 911 uses your carrier’s wireless fatal flawed system to locate and communicate with 911 callers and text mesage. Demand independent oversite testing.  

This small town only needs a Gmail address to make these response times happen for all of their citizens. 

With 911ip processing, your 911 can know your moving locations.

If Jayme had 911ip, she could have tapped her Abducted button, hide her phone on herself. We learn from the past what may work best in emergency situations. 

If someone was able to follow him, they could have also use their own 911ip and have 911  instantly track themselves to follow her. 

911ip works anywhere in the world. All you need is a gps on your cell phone with a signal. 

You simply look at your cell phone's screen when the person you called answers.


You can then read the text message with your automatically found very accurate current location information or the information you preset under each Situation Task button.  You can also send the Text Message or email or both  to numerous contacts or FaceTime.

FYI, 911ip Text  Messages can make contact with 911 and others  when  voice calls can not and drop off.  Text continue to try to make contact  for days. 

We hope this gave you some idea what you must do to help yourself in 911 situations.  Don't be a victim. 

When not using the emergency feature, 911ip can be used business, pleasure, sports games  individual task asking and answering What, Where, When and Why with a tap on a button. 

160 Million 911ip Exact User sent this to 911 in 5 seconds.

80 to 90% of the time when using 911ip to contact 911  in an emergency, you can give 911 your Exact street number & name, your unit  building  floor numbers, city, county, state,zip.  

There is zero doubt your informatio. 

But there are times when your location is not enough.  911ip also includes your plus info to help 911 correct their other fatal flaws. 

911ip determines your very accurate found current location from the location data within the cell phone for the 10% of the time you need it. 

Why want 911 ...... show you.... 911ip’s compared results.

911ip's Exact Location plus system gives the world a simple safety and wellness system like never before. 

911ip is a system not just an app. 

But, in 5 seconds 911ip can correct all the deadly flaws that 100s of 1000s of Americans have died from by your carrier's deadly flawed locating and routing system. 

We are amazed why President Trump, your Governor, Mayor, and  911 continue to let people die among the 650 thousand 911 calls each day in the USA. 

911ip is the best instant solutions.

911ip.com instantly helps stop 911 deaths.

Today, 911ip accurately found locations helps find 95% of it's Users before 911 answers their 911 call. 

You do nothing but tap on a  911ip situation button and simply look at your cell screen to give 911 the information they need or send it by text. 

You can read off or text your accurate location and the plus information to help 911 correct their flaws which could turn fatal. 

911ip automatically post your very accurate location on our your cell phone‘s screen. 

911ip Exact Locations prevents this from happening to you.

Kayli should have grabs her life saving pepper spray and tap on the her 911ip Home Invasion button. Now in 5 seconds 911 has all their Exact Location Plus information to dispatch 1st responders. Probably the same policeman that God sent but sooner. 

You saw 911 was having problems with their location and Kayli screaming. With 911ip, their Exact Location Plus, not a found location, is at 911, family, friends, and neighbors at the same time by text without any screaming. 

You can't rely on luck but you can 911ip to help you.

Using 911ip Enhanced Locating system, you unknowingly  tap on  your 911ip Abducted Situation button and send 911 your very accurate automatically found 911ip location by texting.

The 911 call centers say "all we  had to do using 911ip is refresh our screen and the locations we were receiving were very accurate."

911 texting, you can also tap on the inserted call button and on the Now button again to send a moving text. 

911ip is proceesing your very accurate location while you were calling 911. 



Who can you trust??

Sarah Stern 19

This childhood best friend grab her from the back and started choking her. One shake of her phone and a tap on No with 911ip and all her detail location info and other preset Plus information would have been at 911 by text message in a couple seconds. 

If he tried to stop her, he would have had to stop choking her and grab for the phone. She was an athlete and at least she had a chance then.  

The monster carried out his plan to rob and murder her. This was on 20/20. 

They video is him explaining what happened when he killed her. Below 


You ask why your kids need 911ip to help them in unexpected bad situations. Give them a chance to live. 

Disturbing Video, 


All the above Exact Location Plus info to 911 in 5 seconds

Your Exact Location Plus sent to 911 and other contacts in 5 Seconds Without Anyone Knowing.

We were told by a pharmacist working the late shift with a cashier in Austin TX, that CVS gives them a phone number to call in case of an armed robbery. She said, that is always on my mind. When am I supposed to make this call before or after he shoots me. 

The answer that saves lives. She should have her cell phone with 911ip's Exact Location Plus on it. She has it ready to tap on the green arrow, shown in the image above, to instantly send all her critical information to 911 and family and friends. 

The cashier should do the same.  Any customers from anywhere in the store with 911ip can use their Enhanced Location Plus to send 911 Armed Robbery by pressing their button. 

The criminals have no idea 1st responders are on their way.

A Stranger has your child and they're moving in a car.

Using 911ip's Enhanced Locating Plus

The Mother jumps in her car and taps her 911ip's Abducted button and then instantly taps the provided call button. While she is waiting for 911 to answer, 911ip has processed you very accurate location  

911 can now instantly fetch, like never before, the Mother's location that 911ip determined and opened up her cell  locations for 911 to follow. 

The mother should give the child abductor licenses plate to 911. So codis can get involved. 

Fire No Room for Error. 911ip's Exact Location Plus

Tap on your 911ip Fire button, No

Subject: Fire

My Current Location  above, If not,  My Exact Location Plus below

@Home=115 Shantercliff Pl, Durham, NC 27712  
@Jurisdiction= Lebanon Fire Station  919 560 0900
@XY= 36.089445,-78.965037
@Name= Joan Anderson 51 MBF
@License Plate HT606C NC

The above Text Message  info is on your cell screen and sent to 911 in 5 seconds. 

In this case,  the correct fire station could also receive the same 911ip Text with photos as a notification at the same time.  

Teach Your Kids to Tap a 911ip Home Invasion button and Hide

This 911 call was from a home phone. 911 Cell phone calls are completely different. 

Did these kids need to talk and put themselves  in danger when everything 911s needs to dispatch to location plus is in 911ip Exact Location Plus texts message.  

If texting is approved in your 911, it has several advantages. Text Messages can make contact and continue to try to make contact with 911 when calls can not and drop off. They are emotion free. Some 911 callers scream or can't talk.


911ip dramatically saves your children.

January 1, 2019 Parker Haire‘s.

We were told his initial 911 call was automatically mis routed to the wrong 911 county call center. 

When this happens, the wrong 911 normally has no quick way of locating Parker in a reasonable amount of time.

Neither Huron County or Tuscola County emergency services will not answer who received the mis-routed call and the time line of 911 calls from Parker.  1st responders tried very hard for two days to find him but it was to late. 

We can say to Michigan State University, if Parker would have 911ip’s Enhanced Location Plus he would be alive today. In a few seconds, he would have had his very accurate location within 10 feet of him. 

The XY coordinates is automatically inserted on to his cell screen. He could have read or texted it to 911. 

But we were told their texting was down. 911 could have used 911ip to tracked Parker movements like never before if it was up. Texts can make contact with 911 when calls can not. 

911 texting was down but family and friends will receive the 911ip Text Message sent at the same time. 

They would have received his google link to tap on to be directed to his accurate location. 

This brings up another important point that should never be over looked. 911ip has a Roadside Services and an Uber Assist situation  buttons 

Parker should have used both to bring help to him at the same time. Both will have his very accurate google link location after the Uber Driver is sent his 911ip's google link location proven to be more accurate than Uber locations. 

Parents should advise their children of this and have both on their cell phones for emergency uses. 

The big problem Parker did not have 911ip, Apple and Google new technology to dramatically help save him. 

You want hear about 911ip from most 911s. 

Its either change or continue to let people die needlessly from the present 911 system. 

Mayors and County Officials Stop the Needless Deaths .