911ip Instantly gives 911 your Exact Location and corrects 911 Fatal Flaws.


The present 911’s system can easily cost the life of someone you love or you.

Time is something you don't have in an emergency. The mayor and county officials of the city or town you live in ignore 911's fatal flaws and  how safe your family really is. They can hire 100s of police, fire and EMS.  But, does that make you safer when 1st responders can not find you to help. The answer is definitely No. 

Why? Because when you call 911 you have no idea if you will become a victim of their fatal flaws. Do you want a loved one or yourself to be  one of the tens of thousands victims each year. These victims die or maimed by these 911 fatal flaws.  

These fatal flaws are mainly caused by the carrier's 1997 analog locating and routing system . Plus some of 911 illogical rules which puts what you need behind what they want. 

Cities or towns who ignore the fatal flaws of their 911 safety system will result in not being able to find their citizen in a reasonable time. You maybe one of 50% of call-text to 911 that they find if you don't know your location. 

How could that be? 

There are 650,000 Americans who contact 911 each day.  These are people just like you who never thought they would ever have to do so. Most all are not prepared and realize it when it's  to late. 

You can not rely on 911 to find you and send your wireless 911 call-text to the correct 911 call center.  See the 3 minute actual 911s sharing video below. 

Some 911s share the truth with you like in the three minute below.  America has changed and 911's 1997 analog locating and routing system hasn't. 

When 911 situations happen to your family, you must be in control of that situation. Your loved ones and you  must be able to help 911 help your family.  

We have allowed you to do that like never  before. You simply use 911ip to contact 911 and  instantly help correct 911's fatal flaws  when they occur.  

This is why 911s want show you 911ip’s compared results.

Shannel died knowing and spelling her exact location to 911.

She was another victim of her carrier's fatal flawed 911 locating and routing system.   

The cause is a common 911 automatic mis-routings of her call to the wrong 911 call center.  

With 911ip, she could have simply looked at her cell phone screen and given 911 the county she was in and 911 would have transfered her call to the Sheriff of that county. 

Mrs Lee and Shannel would have had the 100% better way of coming home with 911ip.

The above is a 911ip Exact text message two years later.  Fairfax county 911 is still fatal flawed

The above is a 911ip Exact Text Message that was instantly sent to FAIRFAX county 911 for testing. The text message was also automatically inserted on to our cell phone's screen at the same time. 

The green is 911ip response conversation and the white are Fairfax county 911 responses.

This is an actual example of what would take place in an emergency when using 911ip to contact 911. 

Using 911ip you have several options. 

  • You can send a text message like like the one above with all your needed info in five seconds without speaking. 
  • You can tap on a situation button like this Home Invasion above and call 911. The text message above will then be automatically inserted on to your cell phone's screen for reference. This action allows you to stay in control and to help correct any of 911's fatal flaws. They can happen while talking to 911. 
  • You can do both and turn down the volume so 911 can hear what is taking place. Big cities want you to do one or the other. 
  • If your 911 allows family and friends to receive 911ip notifications that you are in a 911 situation, everyone but 911 can also receive photos, short videos, voice recording with the critical information. A picture is worth a thousands words sometimes. 

 The 911 conversation below was a random text to 911 that they were nice enough to let us test.  Fairfax 911 locating system indicated our current location was six plus miles away from our actual current location. 

No matter how hard they tried to find our current location using their own system, they could not. 

This is not unusual. How do they find your family if they don't know or can't speak in a six plus mile radius?


911's system shows us 6 + miles from our actual location.

This is 911's new system that should have fixed their old system shown in the 3 minute Video below


We verified this is our actual 911ip Exact location.

911's & Rapid SOS found location was 6 + miles off and can be fatal. But we instantly fixed it.


911ip's found locating system had no problems finding Us.


Family not allowed to receive 911ip's Notification.

The test results above with Fairfax county is  what we normally see when testing with 911s. 

They have a hard time getting close to your current location.  They spend most of their time trying to find you and then finding out if your location is in their jurisdiction so they are allowed to send help.  

The 911ip  text message above would also be on your cell screen.  It has the  answers you need to stop the fatal flaws if they occur. 

This is what 911 needs to know to help stop the tens of thousands of deaths and maiming each year. They are caused by the carriers location and routing system

Lets face the facts. We have tested with 911 for over four years. These flaws will not receive help to stop until you  and your loved ones have 911ip your cells phones.

Who knows where you are, what is happening to you, and what 911 call center you should be talking to. 

You and family and friends. 911 thinks you're over six miles using their current system to locate you. This is why family and friends should receive the notification. 

They can't locate you and until they can they need stop this illogical rule. 

You can't  trust 911's locating and routing, system.  You can't stop 911's other fatal flaws from happening to your loved ones or you. 

The ones who don't have 911ip on their cell may be dead wrong for not doing so. 

Its your decision if you don't want to listen to our warnings. But, your kids deserve the chance to not die needlessly. 


We did 911 test in Texas schools. One was in Galveston county. 

This test was in December 2018 after the Santa Fe school shooting were 10 children died. 

Santa Fe was in this 911's district.

You would think they would have their act straight.  It was a diaster for that 911 district.  

Every 911 fatal flaw that could happen did happen to the 911. This test was at a high school a short distance from Santa Fe, Tx. 

The test caused a problem . A Houston tv station  KPRC wanted to film us testing a Houston high school.  

Houston 911 management had recently gone through one of their fatal flaw.  One of their 911 call takers for a year and a half had been hanging up on thousands of 911 calls.  They want say how many died or been maimed. She received ten days in jail.


They went to State and stopped the filming.  They told us to stop testing schools. 

That is 911 management, your mayor and county official solution. Don't fix it make it go away.

Their was also a recent case where a Captain in the Redding ca  fire department shot video for Instagram of a fire while a lady was burned to death inside the house.  He was fined one days pay. 

You or your love ones die needlessly and there is no Consequences.

Welcome to the 911 you thought you knew.  We thought we knew 911 also when we started. 

We help bring your loved ones home. 

Why don't 911s let your family be notified you are in a 911 situation? 

The same reason Houston tx 911 had the State to stop our test and filming of a Houston high school. 

Ask 911 management, your elected Mayor and county officials these questions. 

You pay for 911 on your phone bill each month but you let them make the rules that could kill you and your loved ones. 

Stop letting them hide the truth. 

You can't call anyone after calling 911 ?

We tried for thirty minutes to make a call after a 911 call.  We could not. 

The video below was submitted to us of a elderly women trapped in a fire. The victim was informed by 911 she would not be able to hang up and call anyone.  She was on a walker and perished in the fire. 

The 911 call taker tells her this at 5:25 in the video below. 

This case is a horrible story. With 911ip  it may have had a different ending by texting 911 and family.  

It is truely a bad case for the fire department.

What happens when 911 gives you the bad news above.

What's next for your loved ones and you if you did not have 911ip

The cell phone you have in your hand could have 911ip's state of the art technology that puts you in control of your results when you need it most. 

You and the other 650,000 Americans who called 911 today have previously thought to themselves and maybe you’re thinking that now, "I'll never be a position where I need to answer questions".  Not being able to answer 911's questions could easily cost you and your family their lives. 

911ip is a hi-tech safety and wellness application that automatically and instantly determines your Exact and Found location.  Then automatically inserts the critical information on to your cell's screen for instant viewing or sending. 

If you can't speak or have been abducted or needed tracked, 911ip allows 911 to instantly start tracking you with a tap on your 911ip situation button. 

You will definitely have the 911 call takers and 1st responders eager to help you. But they are using your carrier's 1997 analog tower equipment to try to find your family. 

The odds are they want according to the Federal Communication Commission.

All you do is download 911ip at the Apple or Google Play store and your chances of surviving a 911 event increases by 100%. 

How many people have died and been maimed in the past two years from your carrier’s present flawed 911 system? You don’t want to know. 

FYI, here are some of 911‘s possible fatal flaws you must be prepared to overcome without using 911ip. 

The  Federal Communication Commission FCC states the following.

1. 60% of all 911 wireless callers can not be found by 911 in a reasonable time period if the caller doesn't know their current location. 

(911ip solved this for 100% of 911 callers)

2. Even if you know your current location, your 911 calls or texts can still be fatally mis-routed to the wrong 911 call center and never recover without using search parties.  Like Shannel in the video below and the thousands more who have died from carrier's  911's system mis routed calls. 

(911ip solves this for approximately 90% of all 911 callers the other 10% are greatly helped)

3. If your 911 call or text makes it beyond your carrier's cell tower, your correct address you give 911 may not be correct in the correct 911's data base or not be there at all. 

(911ip helps solve this for 100% of 911 callers.)

4. Emotion during 911 calls, cost you response time and may result in  possible wrong information. 911ip Text do not.

(911ip helps solve this for 100% of 911 callers.)

Texting 911 can make contact with 911 when calling 911 can not. 

911ip is the answer ?

Every individual has the right to live their life free of caution as they like.
Parents are not afforded this choice.

We shouldn't make decisions for our children concening their safety and wellness that could possibly put them in harms way. 

Why because they now live in a completely different environment than you live in now or ever have lived in. Their freinds are trained killers on computers games. 

But the vast majority of parents do it anyway. The only solution we have is 911ip, pepper spray, and prayer. 

So, 911ip provides everyone with  technology to help them survive in today's world.  We help you overcome your bad decisions, bad situations and your carrier's fatally flawed locating and routing system. 

Seniors will greatly benefit from simply tapping on their 911ip I'mOK button to keep in touch with family and friends by texts-calls.  

Using 911ip, they now always have their 911 situation buttons to tap on  like when a fall, stroke, heart attack, police, EMS, fire takes place. Their custom buttons go directly to 911 and family and friends at the same time. 


There is also their X button. Each X place is set up for them.  X home, X doctor,  etc. The X2Go text message goes to their own cell phone number for easy access to return to without getting lost. 

This is also great for users in new towns or on vacations. Like V hotel, V beach, V dine.  Each one is set up by a tap on your V button. 

Hotels can text you V hotel and other suggested  V places. 

Roadside Assist and Business uses are unlimited.  Our personal fav, is finding our hunting blinds and fishing spots in the dark.  The coast gaurd can help when your boat is sinking.  Another fav is sending Uber my current location when their system can't me. 

Customizable Buttons mahes life as simple as possible with a tap.   

Recent example of the carrier's 911 location failures. 19 miles away from 911 caller & texters current location.

Mayors and County Officials Stop the Needless Deaths .

The Reality of Today's World.

800,000 American children are reported missing each year.

You carry your cell and pepper spray  to protect your child from bad dogs. 

Will you now do the same to protect your children from the Cartel's new most horrendous crime. Human Trafficking 

Amazing, Chicago, murder capital USA, will not allow Pepper Spray for mothers.

Mothers must recognize they physically can not protect their children. 

 Pepper spray in their eyes and a tap on the 911ip abducted button, both men can't see to drive and police are instantly coming to your very accurate location. 


911 now knows, What your location is using 911ip


911ip Exact System the Major Advancement in 911

A 911 call centers can be tied  to where your live, where you work, go to school, grand ma house, even where you hunt and etc. 

You set these Exact locations with all the information you see in the text above under it's own 911ip Exact situation button. 

Your 911ip Exact buttons is approximately where 90% of your 911 calls will  take place. 

Exact locations are not approximate found locations. 

The Exact situation shown above is Heart Attack.  You tap on it and you are ask "  Do you need to find your current location. " You tap No. Then all of that information in the text above is instantly inserted on to your cell  screen in a total of five seconds. 

You hit  Send and all this flawless information is instantly at the 911 call center. It can also be sent to family and friends at the same time. 

Pay special attention to Jurisdiction in the text above, That is a life saver and where the fatal flaw of Mis routed comes from.  If you called 911 and the call taker doesn't have the address you gave them,  you look at your cell screen and give them your jurisdiction. If your in the right jurisdiction, you give them the XY coordinates on your cell screen. 

These two life saving steps instantly correct all the fatal flaws of the carrier's present locating and routing system. 

 Pay special attention to XY coordinates in the text above, That is a life saver and where the fatal flaw of Don't have your street address in their data base but should have it. 


911ip's very accurate found locations.

911ip's Pin Point Accuracy.

With the tap on a 911ip situation button, 911 can have your pin point  accurate XY coordinates location with it's associated street address, city, zip, county and country in seconds when you text them. 

Or, you can verbally read the information to them from your cell screen. 

911 will also have your situation, profile and all the above important information even if you can not speak. 

911ip found locations have proven to be more accurate than Uber locations.

Like in the video above if Shannel could have instantly read 911 the  XY and the county she was in showing on her cell screen, she had a good chance of be alive today. 

911ip.com instantly helps stop 911 deaths.

Today, 911ip accurately found locations helps find 95% of it's Users before 911 answers their 911 call. 

You do nothing but tap on a  911ip situation button and simply look at your cell screen to give 911 the information they need or send it by text. 

You can read off or text your accurate location and the plus information to help 911 correct their flaws which could turn fatal. 

911ip automatically post your very accurate location on our your cell phone‘s screen. 

Why want 911 ...... show you.... 911ip’s compared results.

911ip's Exact Location plus system gives the world a simple safety and wellness system like never before. 

911ip is a system not just an app. 

But, in 5 seconds 911ip can correct all the deadly flaws that 100s of 1000s of Americans have died from by your carrier's deadly flawed locating and routing system. 

We are amazed why President Trump, your Governor, Mayor, and  911 continue to let people die among the 650 thousand 911 calls each day in the USA. 

911ip is the best instant solutions.

We must let Technology give our children a chance and a way to survive in bad situations. 

Libby and Abby killer.

Who teaches your kids what to do in bad situations.

Libby and Abby

 This is a very high profile case covered by every major network. 

911ip could have greatly helped to avoid this tragedy.

The girls were at the end of the railroad trestle and they had no place to go. The killer was approaching from the direction they needed to go back to.  

Evidently their video shows, he had approached them before or their gut told them something was wrong.  

Always Always, contact 911 when your gut warns you. You have that right when you feel you are in danger. If you're wrong, say I'm sorry. You are not going to be in any trouble if you're wrong. 

911 receives seventy million butt dials each year. Our button system is faster and stops the butt dials. You deserve a few I'm sorry for just using 911ip.

If the girls would have had 911ip, 

Their options should have been to tap on the 911ip Attacked button and take their take photos of him if they wanted . Like they did.  

Their automatically found accurate current location below is usually within ten feet of them, county, zip, Situation Attacked, who they are, age, sex is automatically inserted on their cell phone’s screen in a few seconds. It is instantly ready to tap the Send Arrow If he made a  move at them.  

He did and she unknowingly tapped on Send. Then put her cell in her pocket like she did before.  

But this time there is a huge difference. The very accurate location information below is on Delphi's 911 call takers screen in seconds. 


Near Unnamed Road, Delphi, IN 46923, Carroll County,  United States

Subject: Attacked
Message: My Current found location is above.  if not, my Exact location is below. 

Libby's 911ip found location information would be here.  

The 911ip text message was instantly at the Delphi 911 call center and at their family and friends with the photos around 1:45pm. Police were called at 5:30pm after searching for them. 

The 911 call center can now instantly dispatch law enforcement to the pin point location provided by 911ip’s XY coordinates aka latitude longitude. 

911 can now, like never before, instantly and accurately starts to track the girls movements. The accurate locations are coming from within our Enhanced location system inside her cell phone. Not from your carrier's inaccurate locating tower‘s system they now use.  

This is approximately the area where they were found. 


Law enforcement would have been on top of their locations before they ever reached the area they were found in.  Some say their phone's stayed on past 5:00 pm. 

Surely 911 went to the girls carrier's and had them ping their phone. But, their cells were not on after 5:00 pm . The Carrier's ping's are not as accurate as 911ip found locations. Carrier's pinging phones all takes time,  you don't have. 

911ip‘s Text Messaging allows 911 to instantly start tracking and the text connection has less of a chance of dropping off than a voice calls. 

Law enforcement would have been all over the killer in minutes when knowing Libby's accurate current locations.  This animal would be off the streets and not searching for another victim.

Maybe parents will learn from this and have 911ip on their cells and pepper spray when ever possible. 


You know the ending of this story. You probably would not be reading this now.