911ip is for You, Families, Friends and Employees.

Has nothing to do with 1st responders. 

With 911ip, 

Shanell could have read the county she was in from the 911ip text message automatically inserted on to her cell screen. Her call could have been transferred to that county’s Sheriff with her pin point XY location. 

Mrs Amber Lee, a tap on the send 911ip Abducted text message button or a tap on the send Call button with the volume turned all the way down. 


Using 911ip, 911s can Now instantly start tracking her moving locations like never before.  


You Must Control your 911 Location and help your 911 Call Routing.

Apple Testers click on the link below to download the 911ip app on to your Apple.


After downloading, 911ip's Password is admin   See Set Up page. 

Think about this for a minute for your family, friends, employees, handicap and you.  

The Federal  Communication Commision states. "For every minute we save in 911 response time, 10,000 Americans lives will be saved each year." This does not even include the staggering number of those being maimed. 

911ip now gives 911's 160 million 911  caller's their Exact Location Plus critical information in 5 second for your Home, Work, School, and locations you spend a lot of time or leary of like parking garages.  That is as fast as you just dialing 911.

The Plus Information helps protect 911 callers from the wireless carrier's existing fatal flaws. 

Your Exact Location and Plus information is so accurate it could go directly to dispatch and by pass the 911 call center.  We are sure that want happen because of the great jobs 911 call takers do. 

This is not an approximate found location that sometimes is not as accurate as it needs to be. 

Apple and Google‘s clearing house will soon be giving some 911s your approximate location which is a good thing but it’s not an Exact location with a unit and exact floor number stored inside your cell. They are only helping 911 with your approximate found location.

None of the plus information is being given to help you with the still remaining deadly flaws of the wireless carrier’s 911 system. 

The Big News,  911s will now have both your 911ip Exact Location Plus for approximate 160 million 911 callers and texters In America. Then Apple and Google’s Clearing house will bring your approximate location to 911 to help support your decision as a 911 Caller or Texter to use your 911ip Exact Location Plus .  

911ip's found Enhanced Location Plus system has proven to be more accurate than Uber locations and our Exact Location Plus are always EXACT. 

With 911ip's Exact Location

  • In five second, your automatically inserted Situation and Exact street address with the floor and unit number along with the county, city, zip, country,
  •  the XY coordinates of that street address aka longitude an latitude 
  • the important jurisdiction for that street address
  • your name and age. martial status, race, sex. 
  • Your license plate. 

All the information above is automatically inserted on to your cell screen as a text message done by tapping on a situation button.  Ready to read the answer to 911’s question or instantly send the text message to 911,family,friend, and neighbors. 


A Call 911 button option is also automatically inserted on to the cell screen .

911ip also gives 911s your very accurate found locations when you do not know your location. 

The plus information remains on your cell's screen to help 911 help you when their fatal flaws happen. Like when your in Shanell's situation in the opening video. But you stay alive. 

With 911ip, every person who is ask "What is your location” by 911, 999, or any emergency agency in the world, will now be able to instantly look at their cell screen and give them their Exact Location or their very accurate found location and more. 

How many tens of thousands of American will 911ip Save?  Your loved ones are enough.  

More Logic

Don't let a bad 911 situation turn deadly, 911ip.com

Today, 911ip accurately found locations helps find 95% of it's Users before 911 answers their 911 call. 

You do nothing but tap on a  911ip situation button and look at your screen to give 911 the information they  need or send it by text. 

You can read off or text your accurate location to 911.  

911ip automatically post your very accurate location on our your cell phone‘s screen. 


Automatically Inserts Situation & Location in Text Message

Don't live in fear but be prepared to handle the situation the Best Way Possible, 911ip.com.


All the above Exact Location Plus info to 911 in 5 seconds

Your Exact Location Plus sent to 911 and other contacts in 5 Seconds Without Anyone Knowing.

We were told by a pharmacist working the late shift with a cashier in Austin TX, that CVS gives them a phone number to call in case of an armed robbery. She said, that is always on my mind. When am I supposed to make this call before or after he shoots me. 

It’s like i’m guarding Fort Knox with a phone number. 

The answer that saves lives. She should have her cell phone with 911ip's Exact Location Plus on it. She has it ready to tap on the green arrow shown in the image above to instantly send all her critical information to 911 and family and friends. The cashier should do the same.  Any customers from anywhere in the store with 911ip can use their Enhanced Location Plus to send 911 Armed Robbery by pressing their button. 

160 Million 911ip Exact User sent this to 911 in 5 seconds.

911ip Exact Locations prevents this from happening to you.

Kayli should have grabs her life saving pepper spray and tap on the her 911ip Home Invasion button. Now in 5 seconds 911 has all their Exact Location Plus information to dispatch 1st responders. Probably the same policeman that God sent but sooner. 

You saw 911 was having problems with their location and Kayli screaming. With 911ip, their Exact Location Plus, not a found location, is at 911, family, friends, and neighbors at the same time by text without any screaming. 

Fire No Room for Error. 911ip's Exact Location Plus

Tap on your 911ip Fire button, No

Subject: Fire

My Current Location  above, If not,  My Exact Location Plus below

@Home=115 Shantercliff Pl, Durham, NC 27712  
@Jurisdiction= Lebanon Fire Station  919 560 0900
@XY= 36.089445,-78.965037
@Name= Joan Anderson 51 MBF
@License Plate HT606C NC

The above Text Message  info is on your cell screen and sent to 911 in 5 seconds. 

In this case,  the correct fire station could also receive the same 911ip Text with photos as a notification at the same time.  

Teach Your Kids to Tap a 911ip Home Invasion button and Hide

This 911 call was from a home phone. 911 Cell phone calls are completely different. 

Did these kids need to talk and put themselves  in danger when everything 911s needs to dispatch to location plus is in 911ip Exact Location Plus texts message.  

If texting is approved in your 911, it has several advantages. Text Messages can make contact and continue to try to make contact with 911 when calls can not and drop off. They are emotion free. Some 911 callers scream or can't talk.

911ip dramatically saves your children.

With 911ip, Parker's within 10 ft location was on his Cell's Screen. 911 could have tracked him.


January 1, 2019 Parker Haire‘s.

We were told his initial deadly 911 call was automatically mis routed to the wrong 911 county call center. 

When this happens, the wrong 911  normally has no quick way of locating Parker in a reasonable amount of time.

Neither Huron County or Tuscola County emergency services will not answer who received the mis-routed call and the time line of 911 calls from Parker.  1st responders tried very hard for two days to find him but it was to late. 

We can say to Michigan State University, if Parker would have 911ip’s Enhanced Location Plus he would be alive today. In a few seconds, he would have had his very accurate location within 10 feet of him. The XY coordinates is automatically inserted on to his cell screen. He could have read or texted it to 911. But we were told their texting was down. 911 could have used 911ip to tracked Parker movements like never before if it was up. Texts can make contact with 911 when calls can't.

911 texting was down but family and friends will receive the 911ip Text Message sent at the same time.  They would have received his google link to tap on to be directed to his accurate location. 

This brings up another important point that should never be over looked. 911ip has a Roadside Services  and an Uber Assist situation  buttons 

Parker should have used both to bring help to him at the same time.  Both will have his very accurate google link location after the Uber Driver is sent his 911ip's google link location proven to be more accurate than Uber locations. 

Parents should advise their children of this and have both on their cell phones for emergency uses. 

The big problem Parker did not have 911ip, Apple and Google new technology to dramatically help save him. 

You want hear about 911ip from most 911s. 

Its either change or continue to die needlessly from a 911 system. 

If you live or work in multi complex places, you desperately need 911ip Exact Location Plus


There were 34  murders per hundreds thousand  in the Baton Rouge area in  2017. 

There were seven homicides alone at this apartment complex in 2017. 

If you live in apartment and don't have 911ip and don't use our Exact Location Plus to contact 911 in an emergency, you chances of being found without talking by the present 911 locating system maybe 20% where time can make a difference. 

With 911ip, you have a 99% chance if that low. 

Mayors and County Officials Stop the Needless Deaths .


911 Situations happen to almost 70% of Americans each year.

Today, 911ip will now instantly find 911 callers 95% of the time instead of 911's 40%

911, What is your location? 

911ip's Exact Location Plus and Enhanced Location Plus, you look at your cell's screen to see your Location Plus information in the Text Message to answer that question by 911. 

This information was automatically inserted on to your cell screen to solve needless deaths by the present 911 system. The Text Message can also be Instantly sent to 911 and family and friends . 

The Plus information can save your life when the other fatal flaws besides location come into the emergency. 

Fri, 12:53:37

Subject: Heart Attack 


@Work=  PaPa's Pizxa 9332 Palmer Hwy, suite 2, Texas City, Tx 77539

@Jurisdiction = Texas City Police

@XY = 29.345678345,-32.667538432

@Name = Mary Jones, 43 SWF

@Licsense Plate= Tx HB870R

See Actual 911 Calls Here to explain how 911ip can help save your life

This function can instantly change 911 emergency services overnight all over the world. 

In America the FCC estimates every minute saved in response time saves 10,000 Americans each year. 

This 911ip Exact critical life saving information can instantly appear on the right 911 call center screens in two to three seconds. 

You should read off the jurisdiction first to 911. This will make sure you are not wasting your time talking to the wrong 911 call center. Mis-Routings are a deadly flaw of 911. Like in Shannel case in the opening video above. 

Then read the detail address. If you live or work in multiple unit complex give the unit number, building, and floor that is in the text message on your cell screen . 

Or, hit the send button to send as a 911ip Text Message. Photos can also be sent to friends and family at the same time. 

When you need 911ip to find your current location using 911ip's Enhanced very accurate Locating System, you again look at your cell's screen with the Text Message that was automatically inserted on it and read off the county you are in. This make sure you are not wasting your time talking to the wrong 911 call center in the wrong county. Mis-Routings are deadly flaws of 911 and are common. 


10000 San Leon Dr,

Texas City - 77539

Galveston, United States

Fri, 14:19:55

Subject: Armed Robbery 


@Work= Walgreens Pharmacy

See Actual 911 Calls Here to explain how 911ip can help save your life

You need to know what to do and have information ready to help yourself in bad situations that can turn deadly almost instantly. 

Presently, Without 911ip, you have less than a 50% chance of 911 finding your kids, wife or you. 

Like Mrs Amber Lee in the opening video above 10s of 1000s other victims of your carriers 911  locating and routing systems. 

The news media is trying to warn you And the Atlanta TV station won the Peabody award for showin you the real truth of America’s emergercy 911 system. 

Not many 911s let the truth be known like the ones did in the opening video above. 


Take this information and protect your loved ones. If you think the 650,000 911 calls in America each day want happen to you.


You maybe dead wrong. 

There is found and then being found in hard places.

911ip actual test results by Galveston County 911


December 2018,  the test was done by Galveston County 911 district. 

There was big news but the 911 districts are keeping it quite.  

We can immediately help stop the 480,000 wireless cell callers who will call 911 tomorrow from dying or being maimed. 

Doesn’t seem a big deal to them . 

You have seen actual people calling 911 die in the opening videos on our website.  These people died in very simple to find location that 911ip could have found in seconds using our technology.

But all 911s are forced to use the present carriers locating and routing system.  911 callers situations can turn deadly.   

With all the tech we and other companies like Rapid SOS use finding locations,  Americans using 911ip's Exact and Enhanced location feature will benefit 911 callers the most. 

This is at a Middle School in Texas City, Tx.


We  were  inside the school in a hall area that ended.  It was like a long closet area. 911ip's drop pin was 23 feet from our current location. 

Your child can have a Exact Location Plus School button with all the preset location and other helpful information stored inside their cell phone.  

This information instantly goes to 911.  There is no need to find their location.  

They can later send their current location by tapping on the same School button.  

Using 911ip Enhanced location system, 911 can now also track their movements.  

Your child could have up to 32 face time cameras at  different locations in the school. This is showing on their cell what they’re facing and when to make their move.  Is it really smart grouping students together?

This is Marquee RV park. This a metal building.


We  were inside a metal building and inside the bath house in a metal stall shown in the pictures.  

Metal building are probably the hardest to be found in. But to top that, we were inside a metal stall. 

In a few seconds , we dropped a pin at 49 feet from our current location. 

Using Apple, We are set on google maps and on When using . Apple Maps is set to Never. The XY coordinates of Apple are not decimals and 911  needs 911ip decimals to enter into their locating system to very accurately locate you.  Street Addresses aren’t always available when you are in remote areas. 

911ip is set on while using also. You will be surprised what else you can use 911ip for. 

911 ‘s Tracking was Greatly Enhanced Using 911ip


You‘ve all seen it in the movies. What you did not know is, 911 normally needs to obtain permission by fax and help from the carrier’s  to strat tracking.  But with 911up, it was proved that by a tap on a  Taken or Abducted  button and now using 911ip, 911’s ability to very accurately track your moving location as often as they like.  911 said, all was needed was to refresh the location. In Apple,  it stops when you clear the 911ip.com

911 and 9 Family and Friends at One Time


The test including family and friends being sent the same text message sent to 911. 

With the 911ip Text Message, 911 can enter XY coordinates and find your very accurate location. 

The rest can face time with the Apple contacts showing them the situation. 

Family and Friends can click the google link and instantly google maps starts to direct you to the 911 caller Location. 

911 receives 911ip's locations like this.

In five seconds, 911  receives  the street address and the XY coordinates of precise location plus.

Even if the car is parked or going a 100  miles an hour .   

Cincinnati you want answers. Your carrier's  have been letting your children die and maimed for 20 years.  You can stop the letting  your citizens die by them downloading 911iip tomorrow.  


911ip's Locating System Automatically Saves Lives.


You can always tap on the Now button in Apple to find your new current moving locations that can go to 911, family and friends. Your found locations have been proven to be more accurate than Uber locations. Texting to 911 can make contact when calls drop off. They continue to try to do so for days. You can set your Now button for say 120 seconds to connect to as many satellites as possible.  

In Android, your new moving locations can go out automatically to 911, family and friends every 30 seconds for 10 minutes. 


Thank You

Thank You for your support