Exact Location Plus

Tap on the Green Arrow above and your instant Life Saving Info is at 911 in a couple of seconds.

This Exact Location Plus system dramatically changes 911 forever.

911ip sends your preset what if Situation information directly to 911 from any of your Exact Location Plus fixed points locations. 

The information needed to best help you is fill in a fill in the blanks format. This is due to 911ip working world wide. 

When you feel something is wrong.  

If someone is at the door or in the  room you think maybe trouble, you take the five seconds to have the Exact Location Plus up on your cell screen. Tap the Green  Arrow and instantly send the 911ip text message to 911 and others. 

The image above is for Teresa Custer 37 who was killed in a Fairfield Hotel robbery a few days after Christmas 2018 where she was the manager.  She was the loving mother of 3 boys.  

We had just just completed a 911 test 12-10-2018 in that town and had told them for months the Texting to 911 they were suppose to have, had something wrong with it. Her only option was calling 911. 

Ready for you to tap on the green arrow to intanty send to 911  family and friends.  No one in the room will be aware help is on the way. 911 has all the information needed to help you. This was the option she should have had. 

Any customer who has 911ip can use their Enhanced Location Plus and can hit theit Armed Robbery button without anyone knowing it also. 


Single Loving Mother of 3 wasn’t given a chance to live.

We Told Texas City their Texting to 911 was not working in April 2018. Before the Santa Fe school

Texas City 911 text says to  911ip,

I believe you are not to be making test calls to test your application per our supervisor

You gave me permission to test and then ask what I'm doing?

Since August 2018, there have been 5 murders in a town of less than 50k.  Victims that would could have used  911ip to help stay alive. 

911ip has design a system that protect you from a very deadly locating and routing system you saw in the opening video. 

This was soon after a 911ip forced a 911 test on December 10, 2018. The texting to 911 again failed with text messages because their texting had not worked in months.  

Since August 2018, three children and two adults have been Murdered in Texas City. 

Tersa Custer was shot and later died from an armed Robbery at the Fairfield inn in Texas  City. The 911ip video and image above are example of what she should have sent 911 family and friends. 

This mother of three had no chance to use 911ip. This would have given her a chance to have police at her side in minutes without the criminal suspecting anything. 

Sheets girls were failed by 911.

The daughters both called 911 without speaking. 911 kept asking for their address as your hear in the video. 

911ip's Exact Location Plus would have had their Exact Address Plus Text Message like the one for Teresa  above  to 911 in 5 second with out saying a word or anyone in the room knowing 911 is own their way.  

They would  probably be alive today if it  wasn't Greater Harris county communication 911 District. 

Was a Mother of Four

Check out this great video


Shooters need to be stopped before entering the School.

911ip’s is used to prevent crime. Instant response is the key to stopping a crime and harm from happening. 

When can you instantly know What, Where, When, Why , your child’s cell phone becomes a powerful tool in their hands and in the hands of all students, teachers, and staff. 

This school district of less than fifty thousand residents has spent $6.5 million on school safety for the  their schools. Congratulations.

As you see,  each student in this school should have a 911ip's Exact Shooter button on their cell phone for the campus area.


A shooting or gun or knife siteing can take place anywhere on campus. When it does, you use 911ip's  Enhanced locating system to pin point where this is taking place on the campus. 

A 911ip Text message with photo or video if possible  preventing a tragedy by instantly going to the right people to stop the threat.

The person following the threat and unknowingly tapping their 911ip Now button sending the moving location of the threat to the need to knows is golden. 

They can instantly take a photo or short videos of shooters approaching the school and automatically send their XY coordinate in relation to the shooter to 911 and other contacts. 

Apple users can make contact and open up to 32 facetime viewers with video  of the shooter position. 

911ip has some thoughts we would like to share. 

Self testing of 911s and the non profit 911 communication districts that provides your 911 their equipment you saw in the opening video is not enough. The State must demand outside testing certificates at least twice a year for all 911 call centers. 

The only safe place for students is in a cement cellar safe room that holds all the students of that classroom with a AR500 steel door in each class room.

It is the easiest and best way to buil a low cost safe room with a small opening in the floor. We even thought of a slide for fast entry. 

We question grouping students. 

Without a safe room, If my daughter or son had a way of knowing the location of the shooter on their phone, I would instruct them get out on their own. Every Quail hunter sees how all of them us 360 degrees to flee. 

Our main goal is help protect the children of America and the world. 

911ip feels our government is letting them die needlessly because we do not do enough to keep them safe every where.

They continue to use a 911 system that has been broken for years.  An analog system of the 1990s. Their attitude is, it’s good enough for us  but they forget we are the ones who die needlessly. 

This town’s 911 system is worse than what you saw in the opening video. But thank god they care about their kids in school. 

This town has had 5 murders in less than 3 months. 

If the victims had 911ip’s Exact system they would have had a good chance of living.