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Do not live in fear but be aware

Haruka was a freshman at UT Austin.

She had a six minute walk  to her dorm after her ballet practice. It was Sunday at 9:00 PM. No one was around except a younger guy on a bike.  

She met him going the opposite way. They past each other while she was on her iphone in the video.  

The above 911ip Enhanced Location Plus screen shot information like the one above is automatically inserted on to her cell's screen.  It should stay up on her cell screen for the time of night until  she reached her dorm. 

He later attacked her. She could have instantly tap on the green send button on the bottom right and sent her already found very accurate location to 911 and 9 family and friends without the attacker knowing it. He was found with her iphone. 

911 using 911ip new tracking would have seen her very accurate locations as he moved her to the creek.  In minutes, 1st responders would have been directed to her location within 10 feet of her. He kept her at the creek for almost two hours. She would be alive today If she had 911ip.  

Austin Tx, 911 Told 911ip,

We are Call 911 people. We have texting but we want victims to call 911. We don’t need  911ip Testing here.  They have the same locating and routing system the 911s have in the opening video.  So you kids die and they get away with it.

This is the logic of a 911 system you pay for each month ran by non government employees called communication 911 Districts in Texas.  

People don't contact 911 because they advertise don't call us unless he has attack you. Then what, is 911 going to use that great locating system we saw in the opening video on the home page to help you.     

Ironically, the buttons we use helps  911s save 70 million  butt dials each year.  

Change can happen over night by your Mayor and County officials.  Do you want your child going to a college who protects your child like this. 

Good Luck Austin area.  You need it. But Texas you can use 911ip to contact any 911 or 999 with at least 100% better results. 

A jurisdiction is an set area that 1st res ponders have the authority to perform their  job functions in.  Usually it is tied to the city and county taxes you pay

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What if, the  carjacker was going to fast for the 11 year old to jump out? 

She was in the back seat texting.  She could have tap on her Abducted button in 911ip and sent the Text Meesage like the Ready scrren shot above one above.  911 using 911ip new tracking system would have refreshed and started tracking the car for police to intercept almost instant. Good Job doing what the situation called for. 

Video of Kyle

With  911ip and Apple and Google clearinghouse,  this would have never happened.  

Mayors can stop this by making the public aware of the New App Technology to help 911 help your love ones and you. .


We found Siri "Help 911 Help" dials 911 hands free.  Kyle's 1st call would have located him within ten feet with the new tech.  

The Good Die to Young


2017 Killed by her Childhood Facebook friends who wanted her

Sarah Stern's grand mother left her $10,000. Her two Facebook friends plotted to kill her and throw her body over a tall bridge to then. Let her body float out to sea. 

One of the killers took her to junior prom.  What face is evil? You never know in today's world. 

If she had 911ip to silently tap on the Abducted  button like one at the top image above Sarah Stern maybe alive today. 911 could have instantly started following the car while police closed in. At least, give your children a chance to survive. Protect them when they need it most. 


Help is hard to come by.

The Girls both called 911

The Sheets girls both called 911 at different times.  They could not talk and you could hear on the 911 tape, 911 kept asking for their location .

They were in their den.  If you are inside your home, 911 has a hard time locate you..  Their neighbor contacted 911 when he saw them the running outside.  But it was to late. 

 With 911ip, they could of sent a  911ip text message to 911.  Or now when 911 is using our enhanced locating system to pin point their location, these needless deaths will have a different ending. 


A jurisdiction is an set area that 1st res ponders have the authority to perform their  job functions in.  Usually it is tied to the city and county taxes you pay

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Certain Jobs Require Special Protection

She meet a stranger at a house for sale. About half way through the showing, he look at her and said, your about to have the worst day in your life and It was.

Her phone was with them through the whole ordeal.  He made fake text to her husband.

She could of had 911ip ready and waiting for any stranger danger.

As soon as she tapped the send button, 911ip would enhanced 911 ability to silently track her many movement.

A jurisdiction is an set area that 1st res ponders have the authority to perform their  job functions in.  Usually it is tied to the city and county taxes you pay

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