911ip's New Fire/EMS Notification System is badly needed.

This death would have not occured if  911ip's simple Exact Notification system would be implemented at all  Fire/EMS stations. 


Wellness and Safety for a better quality of life


More seniors than you would like to know 

  • fall and never get up.
  • have a stroke and can not speak and 911 never finds them for days. 

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Seniors greatest fear is being disabled and their quality of life be reduced.  

This simple system uses 911ip  to send the correct Fire /Per Medics a notication with the same information 911 receives.  

They prepare and wait to receive a depatch notice.  Time is saved you may not have. 


A Simple 911 change to save tens of thousands

We have ask 911 to show some 21st century logic and make a major inexpensive improvement to save tens of thousands of lives. 

Americans you need to fight for this hard.  

No matter whose fault, it is your child laying the floor dying. 

Fire/EMS is ready to roll to help. But they are being held up by your carrier's deadly flawed locating and routing system. The same system you saw the results of above.

The Fire/EMS is waiting for the 911 call center who is  trying to find your correct address to release them . But with the 911ip Exact notification system each Exact location is  tied to it’s correct Fire/EMS station. 

That station is set up as a 911ip contact.. So when you contact 911,  a 911ip notification with same information goes directly to the  correct Fire/EMS station.. 

 Like the young lady in the video below. 

By a tap on a 911ip button and in five seconds, your correct Fire station and EMS will always be the only emergency responders on this earth who definitely knows they have all your Flawless 911ip Exact information to help save you.

There is no doubt where you are,  you're in the right jurisdiction, and what's the situation is.   They can also receive photos, short videos and voice recordings if needed.  Family and friends will also have this information. 

911ip Exact System is the  answer. 

911s please give 911ip Users and all America a ten digit digital phone number so 911ip Exact can tie directly to their known correct Fire and EMS station facility.   

Their 911ip Exact  location and more notification will always be sent the correct jurisdiction they live, work, or spend a great deal of time in. 

These stations would instantly receive the same text message critical information by a notification.   The same information the 911 call taker receives at the same time. 

The Fire/EMS station will receive this notification even if that 911 doesn’t have texting to 911 using 911ip. 

Example, if you are having a heart attack, bleeding to death, drowning, choking, or the many other things that can kill you and you live in New York city who doesn't have texting to 911,  What happens using 911ip.  

The 911 caller and all the caller's critical Exact information notification text message is sent to the digital phone number line. This critical information goes directly to your known Fire/EMS center in five seconds. 

That correct Fire/EMS center should be dispatched to the 911 caller's Exact detailed address in the notifcation they received earlier in seconds.  

 The notification has your situation and all your critical information.  Photos and video and voice recording can be included if needed.  

While the NYC  911 call taker is taking all this time gathering the information for your correct Fire/EMS station can get things ready to roll once dispatched. 

But, 911s do not live in anywhere near a normal world. Especially without texting to 911. What happens when you can not speak. 

Or, when you have a call taker in Houston,Tx who received ten days in jail for hanging up on all her 911 callers for a year and a half without being noticed. They want sat how many died or were maimed from the thousands of callers hung up on. 

A year and a half and Houston 911 noticed nothing. With this 911ip notification system, it would of stopped in a couple of days at the most. 

The 911's having texting to 911 should be able to correct fatal flaws sooner. 

911 calls or texts can be commonly be mis routed to the wrong 911 call center. There are many other delays 911 call centers experience that  create more delays when dispatching  to  Fire/EMS. 

1st responders don't know it took thirty minutes or eight hours to get the correct address in the correct jurisdiction and find out what the situation is. 

When mis routings happen, they may never find you or even receive the call in the correct 911 call center you belong in


This happens if the 911 doesn’t have texting and the user don't have 911ip. 

Or the many other 911 flaws that can happen take place during an emergency. 

Fire or EMS will receive the flawless notification and get ready and notify 911 dispatch they are ready to roll if they haven’t heard from 911 dispatch. 

Your 911 has many deadly flaws that commonly take place during 911 emergency calls an texts. 

Yet, Fire/EMS are giving strict rules.  They don't roll until 911 has all the fatal flaws taking care of which could be never. 

Even though, with notifications the station now has the flawless Exact critical information to respond to instantly.  They wait. How long do they wait?

Your 911 call center doen't want to look bad even if you die. 

and County offical make it happen.  

This is very important major advancement in 911 to help save lives for pennies spent.  A ten digit digital line at each Fire/ EMS station. 

If it's a voluntary station, all firemen in that station can receive the same notification at once.

The present wireless carrier’s 911 system can  easily kill you and it does kill tens of thousands and maims hundreds of thousands each year in America 

911ip's.Notification system to save thousands.