Apple Test flight download.

Click on the  Open  shown in the image

This will bring you to the 911ip entry   screen below.  Then enter the password  admin  to create your   custom situation or subject  button.  

Password is admin

Enter  admin  as the password  and then click on OK.

You can then go to the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the image below to set up your custom  password.  

Note: because of security  and HIPAA reasons we have no connection to your password.  

It's up to you to make sure you guard it and remember it. 


Set Up

This form is a free form preset text message that is stored inside your cell phone under a Situation  button.  Each interactive button is automatically created with an  independent subject matter of its own.

You tap on the button and instantly the preset Text Message information is automatically inserted on to your cell phone screen.  Ready to add photos or edit before sending. 

If you need to send your very accurate found current location, that is done automatically. 

Google links are automatically created and sent. As an example, you can send Uber the link.  When tapped on, the Uber driver can be directed to your location with a pic when their system can't find you.  Or sending a Google Links to yourself with Key words. Like Hotel when you are on vacation or parking.  Ladies, sharing pics of What and Where you bought on your shopping spree.  Guys marking your favorite What and Where fishing spots with pics.   

Never be lost anywhere in the would that has a cell signal.

Who and how many you send the custom text message and call to at once is up to you.

Your loved ones and you are now ten times  safer and more  well than ever before when contacting 911.  

1. Subject: Create a Situation or Subject Button's name. This independently determines the subject matter of each button and is automatically inserted into the 911ip Text Message when the button is tapped on. 

When tapped on, in Apple, and held down on in Android automatically begins the communication process with preset contacts by call and text message. 

You can communicate by sending one phone number and 10 text messages.

2. Message: This is your blank slate. Repeating free form text and must have at least one character. You can have links in the message space. But when used for to 911, it must have  911ip's standard format for your best interest. 

Copy and Paste the below information into Message section.

These targeted answers are very important in most 911 situations and can be life saving.  Having this information instantly available to you and 911 could easily save your life one day. 

3. Phone Number: This usually is 911 but it can be any 10 digit number. 911ip's system automatically brings up a Call button with the automatically inserted the preset Text Message on the cell's screen at the same time.  If you need your current location found, the system will also automatically insert that after a few seconds of enhancing your current location. 

4. Contacts: This is were you set up your contacts to send the Text Messages to. Facetime can be up to 32. Normally, 10 contacts at one time. 

The Apple contacts name and phone number must be identical to 911ip contacts. 

Note: The 3 vertical dots in the upper right hand corner of the create a button image above. 

You click on them. You will then see a buffer section. This is where you enter the number of seconds it takes to enhance the accuracy of your current location. The seconds can be edited to the surroundings most frequent. You can collecting more Satellites for more accurate locations in extreme locations. 

Normally it should be set to 15 seconds. But it can be more or less. It can be adjusted depending where you frequent. Test with family and friends. 

This time  determines the accuracy of enhancement location process. 

After tapping on the Situation button and when you answered Yes, to "Do you need to find your current location", you will have a page appear with a count down clock and Now button.

If you do not tap on the Now button, your current location in Street Address and XY coordinates  will automatically be inserted on to your cell phone's screen.  At this point you can include photos in the text message and send. sh their system to read your moving locations. You just Clear the 911ip Alert after the situation is  over. 

If you do not tap on the Now button, your current location in Street Address and XY coordinate plus will automatically be inserted on to your cell phone's screen.  At this point you can include photos in the text message and send. Or read to the call contact.

The other section is where your set up Contacts for 911ip. They must have identical names and phone numbers as your iphone's contacts list.

 Optional Contact.  You can send your 911 Text Messages to a ten digit number you are  given after signing up. Your Text Message goes into a Nation Wide data base for 911 who don't  have Texting to 911. They can then enter your phone number to retrieve your complete Text Message plus by entering your phone number.  

A jurisdiction is an set area that 1st res ponders have the authority to perform their  job functions in.  Usually it is tied to the city and county taxes you pay


911ip's Exact 911 Text Box

The entries below help  protect you if you become a victim of your carriers 911 tower routing system.  

Like Shannel in the video. She knew and gave her correct address to 911 but her call was mis-routed to the wrong 911 call center.  It's very common and a life or death flaw for you. How fast they and you find where the 911 call belongs is the key.   911s normally don't send help until they know.  Then they transfer the call and you start over.  

 Message: Exact Location Plus

Copy and Paste and Answer Please.


@Home =  A

@Jurisdiction = B

@XY = C

@Name = D

@Licsense Plate= E

 A.  This @Home can change to @Work, @School, @Business,@ etc. 

Enter, your address with unit#, city, county, state, zip here.


B.  @= Jurisdiction

Call non emergency. 911 can give you the jurisdiction for your Exact @address. This is super important.

This will also checks for another fatal flaw of 911.  Your address not being in the correct 911 jurisdiction or they have the wrong address. 

C.  This is your address  XY coordinates  AKA Longitude/Latitude. This pin points your location.  

To find your XY , you can stand outside in front of your house  and press a 911ip situation button and answer Yes to "Do you need find your current location".  

The google link will come up with the XY numbers,  Those numbers are the very accurate XY location of your home. 

911s can always enter those numbers into their 911 system to find  your very accurate location anywhere.  

Apple uses degrees and minutes.  911 only uses decimal XY to enter into their system and that may be a life saver.   Up to you, but google maps are more accurate. 


E. Your name, race, sex and age.  You can add permission to enter.  

F. License Plate# 

Your License Plate Number is controlled by 911 dispatch. Every time you are at or past any traffic Light. " You don't need your cell phone for this to happen. 

911 and law enforcement can enter your licsense plate number and know who owns the car and the location of the traffic light you are currently at.  It is not as accurate as 911ip but effective.  That is why writing down the License Plate is so important.  


is the set  seconds for 911ip to enhance the accuracy of your current  location. 

The other section is setting up  911ip Contacts.  They must have identical names and numbers as your iphone's  contacts.

A jurisdiction is an set area that 1st res ponders have the authority to perform their  job functions in.  Usually it is tied to the city and county taxes you pay

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