@Home =  

@Jurisdiction = 

@XY = 

@Name, age, race = 

@License Plate =

When setting a button for Fire, use 911ip to find the XY coordinates for your fire hydrant and add it to  the answers. 

Business payroll and anything data base query KeywordIT.com 



@E# = 

@Name =  

@Department = 

@Skill = 

@Task = 

@ %.C.= 

There are so many times in business where you have a text  message you need to send to customer or certain company.  

But you need to discuss it with them and make changes first. 

Sometimes you need to send photos with the text. 

You copy and paste your preview draft text into 911ip‘text box and save.  You can have buttons for each company or customers. 

You press the companies name, then No. 

With 911ip, the call button and draft text message comes up on your cell screen. At the same time. 

You call and  the text is up on your screen ready to edit and make changes instantly while you are talking.  

You tie up the lose ends and then tap to send. 

This text message is automatically posted in your companies data base.  

Approved users can see it and search for all current events happening with your company snd it’s customers.  

Keywords for instant  knowledge of current events happening with in your company. 

Staying  top  results equals better bottom lines. 

Or just use 911ip when Uber can’t or is having trouble finding you. 



RoadSide Service and Accident JiffyTows.com 


@Problem =  

@Insured by = 

@Insured Policy #= 

@Vehicle Make & Year =

@Vehicle Color & Doors =

@License plate # =

You can send photos of Damage. 

Boat Tow Service

@problem = 

@Length =  

@Type & Color = 

@# Aboard= 


You can send photos of Damage. 

Coast Guard

@Are U on a boat = 

@problem = 

@Length =  

@Type & Color = 

@# Aboard= 

You can send photos of Situation

Note: 911ip has a special text numbers that emails the coast guard which they accept. 

Text messages can make contact when phone calls and emails can not. 

JoinMe.news and JoinMe.rocks

911ip’s Text Message is a blank slate.


If you a JoinMe.news business you can use our system to post message to the bulletin board that can be searched by an keyword. 

The 911ip text message automatically post all your location data and situation and custom message that can be changed each day to deliver you custom message. 

If you are a JoinMe.rocks can post parties,raves,concerts, or anything social with photos to the Rocks bulletin board. 

Remember your phone number is automatically posted and anything crazy and your phone will blocked forever. 

911ip can be used for marking you favorite fishing location or marking you hunting blinds. Hit the google link and the blue dot takes you them in the dead of night. 

Sending Text Messages to yourself. 

Then search  text message for Parked, Vacation, marking your hotel, rental cars, airport, places to return to with a tap on a button makes your down time a joy.  

Having 911ip with you in strange cities and countries is necessary.  911, is easily replaced with 999, 

911ip, anything What Where When and Why with photos. 

10 Repeating Texas Messages  go out with the tap on one button. 

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