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My accurate current pick up location is  above. If not, I'm below.  Please tap on the Google link to be directed to my picking spot. 


Joe Doe 52, 6'1", 220lbs, SWM



1278 Woodbrook Ct, Reston, VA 20194, USA

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@Home =  

@Jurisdiction = 

@XY = 

@Name, age, race = 

@License Plate =

When setting a button for Fire, use 911ip to find the XY coordinates for your fire hydrant and add it to  the answers. 

Business payroll and anything data base query KeywordIT.com 



@E# = 

@Name =  

@Department = 

@Skill = 

@Task = 

@ %.C.= 

There are so many times in business where you have a text  message you need to send to customer or certain company.  

But you need to discuss it with them and make changes first. 

Sometimes you need to send photos with the text. 

You copy and paste your preview draft text into 911ip‘text box and save.  You can have buttons for each company or customers. 

You press the companies name, then No. 

With 911ip, the call button and draft text message comes up on your cell screen. At the same time. 

You call and  the text is up on your screen ready to edit and make changes instantly while you are talking.  

You tie up the lose ends and then tap to send. 

This text message is automatically posted in your companies data base.  

Approved users can see it and search for all current events happening with your company snd it’s customers.  

Keywords for instant  knowledge of current events happening with in your company. 

Staying  top  results equals better bottom lines. 

Or just use 911ip when Uber can’t or is having trouble finding you. 



RoadSide Service and Accident JiffyTows.com 


@Problem =  

@Insured by = 

@Insured Policy #= 

@Vehicle Make & Year =

@Vehicle Color & Doors =

@License plate # =

You can send photos of Damage. 

Boat Tow Service

@problem = 

@Length =  

@Type & Color = 

@# Aboard= 


You can send photos of Damage. 

Coast Guard

@Are U on a boat = 

@problem = 

@Length =  

@Type & Color = 

@# Aboard= 

You can send photos of Situation

Note: 911ip has a special text numbers that emails the coast guard which they accept. 

Text messages can make contact when phone calls and emails can not. 

JoinMe.news and JoinMe.rocks

911ip’s Text Message is a blank slate.


If you a JoinMe.news business you can use our system to post message to the bulletin board that can be searched by an keyword. 

The 911ip text message automatically post all your location data and situation and custom message that can be changed each day to deliver you custom message. 

If you are a JoinMe.rocks can post parties,raves,concerts, or anything social with photos to the Rocks bulletin board. 

Remember your phone number is automatically posted and anything crazy and your phone will blocked forever. 

911ip can be used for marking you favorite fishing location or marking you hunting blinds. Hit the google link and the blue dot takes you them in the dead of night. 

Sending Text Messages to yourself. 

Then search  text message for Parked, Vacation, marking your hotel, rental cars, airport, places to return to with a tap on a button makes your down time a joy.  

Having 911ip with you in strange cities and countries is necessary.  911, is easily replaced with 999, 

911ip, anything What Where When and Why with photos. 

10 Repeating Texas Messages  go out with the tap on one button. 

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911ip is the ultimate service. We help your loved ones and you stay alive in bad situations using our advanced technology. You can see this in the above 911ip text message. This information format is automatically inserted on to your cell's screen and-or sent to 911 in five seconds. 

Our system's customizable flexibility is unlimited. 

We are the service you had no idea you needed so badly. Especially if you're in a 911 situation. You can't rely on them. You must have back up when their fatal flaws fail your loved ones and you.  Stay in control of your results like in this case.  They locate you six plus miles from your actual current location. 

You never know when one of their 911's locating, routing or personal fatal flaws may cost your love ones and you your life. 

Houston tx 911 had a call taker who for a year and half would pick up the 911 call and then just hang up on thousand of 911 call-text. 

The management of this 911 system should be fired but nothing happens.  Your loved ones die and this is just another day at the office for them. 

Your mayor and county offical allow  911 fatal flaws to happen and accept it. 

We don't and give you a 100% better solutions by downloading 911ip on to your cell phone. We have been passionate to help stop this madness. 

Some 911s don't allow family and friend to also receive a notifications of your 911 contact.  If 911 Houston allowed 911ip family and friend, this would have been found in a couple of days. If 911s had 911ip notification system, it would be caught in a day.  But, they continue to do it their 1997 way and your loved ones continued to die. Because you are programed since grade school to think that way. We thought the same way before starting this project. 

Houston tx 911 allowed this to happen for a year and a half.  They did nothing to correction or stop this from happening again. 

The call taker recived 10 days in jail. They want say how many died from her action and lack of action by 911management.

A fire captain in Redding Ca. recently shot video of a fire for Instagram while a woman burned to death inside her house. He lost one days pay. 

This is what your loved one and your life is worth to 911 management and your mayor and county officials. They are trying to cover it up now. See below.  

Your 911 must have checks and balances. But they are ran by management who are still using 1997 anolog locating and routing equipment. See the 3 minute video below. See actual 911 directors tell you what we are saying.  

We help stop this now. 

This test here is a normal occurrence they can't hide. We are six plus miles from our actual current location. 

911ip dramatically reduces the time from when the 911 call taker receives your call-text to the time 1st responders are dispatched to you with the correct information. 

911ip pushes your critical Exact and Found location along with our protection from the wireless carrier's 911 fatal flaws to your preset contacts. Then we allow 911  to track your moving locations when contacted. This is our main priority.

You badly need this help and have no idea you do.  Until you are in one and actually experiencing 911's fatal flaws and make it through. This may happen to you today. You'll think about we tried to warn you of. 

This is all determined from within the 911ip's system inside your cell phone. Then instantly takes the information to 911 and family and friends when allowed to.

The information is also automatically posted to your cell screen. 

You need to understand America's  911s system. You pay for 911 on your phone bill each month. 

911 is set up for what they want.


Their illogical rules can and has cost lives and maimed hundreds of thousands of Americans. When you talk to them its like your in the 1990s.

Our system automatically inserts your critical information on to your cell's screen in five seconds. This is done for you to have instant and easy access to your 911ip life saving information to share with 911 and preset contacts.  

911 doesn't want you to text contacts at the same time you are contacting them. Why, because they can't cover up their mistakes. 

Houston Texas 911 want let us test schools. Why, because of our school tests of Galveston county 911. Their 911 test results were so bad, they did not want Houston  parents to know how unsafe their children actually are when asking for 911's help. This Galveston 911 district test was even after the Hitchcock Tx school shooting leaving 10 children died in their district. 

They also don't care there are 70 million butt dials a year to 911 and our button system stops wireless butt dials to 911. That is their ogic of 911 management , your mayor, and county officals. 

Yet, 911 says wireless callers wants to dial 911. Their logic is 70,000,000 butt dials are ok.  Worthless calls, while you wait for them to respond. AMAZING

You tapping our button it is faster and instantly goes to 911.  This lets 911 call takers spend one third less of their time on butt dials and more on  productive efforts. 

This is the kind of logic you face when trying to make contact to 911. 

So back to family and friends contacts that you need badly. 

You have options with 911ip. You don't include 911 in the text contacts and send the group text first if someone close can help faster then hit the 911 call button. This even takes less time than dialing 911.  

You are now able to instantly convey who, what, when and why to 911s having texting even if you can't speak. 

But 911 management doesn't care. They still want  you to call. 911 calls dropped off and are cut short by the situation. Text message are much more likely to stay connected with 911 and not drop off. You instantly have all your life saving info on cell screen. 

Anyway if you can't talk,  the 911ip text message will be there and no need for further conversation. It's at 911 and on your cell screen in five seconds. 

They want you to type out a text or call 911 while the guy is strangling you. Seriously, don't tap on a 911ip Attack button to instantly send all your critical information to 911 to help you. 

This is their 1997 logic of 911 management. It is ridicious 

You can't send that text to your next door neighbor to help you. If your call was mis routed, 911 has no idea where you are but your contacts know.  See the 3 minute below for example. See the same 911 call center Director of  Fairfax two years ago tells you what we just told you. 

The 911s who don't have texting to 911 are now able to have you read your instant critical information to them from off your 911ip cell screen text message. 

You can use our special features  from anywhere in the world there is a cell signal. 

Please see the 911ip Test Home Invasion text message to 911 above for our example of 911ip's Exact current locations. There are also a couple of not so known terms there. 

These life saving terms are definitely a need to know when your 911 call taker says, "I don't have that address" 

This is a common occurrence that happens more times than you think. 

They even have switch jurisdiction buttons if they can figure out where your mis routed call-text belongs. If they can not, your 911 situation can become fatal. See 3 minute video below for actual examples. 

Jurisdiction: 911ip's 911 fatal flaw protection . 

XY coordinates: 911ip's 911 fatal flaw protection . 

Of course, Location:  911ip's 911 fatal flaw protection . 

You also have what is happening to you and a short profile of yourself. 

This Rapid SOS approximate found information will never be as accurate and as detailed as 911ip Exact locations. Plus Rapid will not have the important 911ip's fatal flaw protection we have, shown above. 

In this situation how much is it worth to help your loved ones  get out of this very bad 911 situation.  

Everyone of America' s 650,000 911 caller-texter each day need all the help they can get. Most all of these people contacting 911 find out about these 911's flaws in the middle of a 911 situation when its to late. 

In this example, you are seeing first hand what could take place in a 911 situation. This is a good learning experience for your loved ones and you. If you don't have 911ip and your call is mis routed or you can't speak, what can you do? 

In this case without 911ip, Nothing and 911 can't do anything either except take the time to contact the carrier to see if they can ping a closer location. Pinging from the outside is never as good as 9111ip pushing the information from inside the cell phone.

911ip Exact Locations are always more detailed and are Exact. 911ip‘s Exact are not an approximate location. We also correct the wireless carriers other 911's fatal flaws at the same time. 

Approximately 90% of  the 175 million 911 wireless calls-text each year could be using 911ip Exact system. They can also now look at 911ip text message automatically inserted on your cell screen to answer 911 " what is your location "

They are where 911 situations normally take place.  Home, Work, School, Church, College Dorms, Assisted living, Pleasure, Sports, Parking garages, Community , Handicap, No English, etc.  

God knows we could have used these 911ip Exact places lately to help update police of the shooters moving current detailed locations. 

There can also be possible photos, video, voice recording. Especially without being able to speak. 

911s will now have 911ip's exact flawless detail location information. Like having the apartment, office, dorm room, or unit, building, floor, numbers and much more in five seconds.  

Remember pushing information from your cell phone is more reliable and superior to pulling your info from your cell phone. This could make the ultimate difference. 

You hit your Home Invasion button.

The buttons to help stop the millions of butt dials to 911 each year.  

Its takes five seconds for 911 to instantly have access to the vast flawless location information and 911ip fatal flaw protection in the 911ip text.

911s will not dispatch 1st responders  to you until they assure themselves the text-call is at the right 911 call center. All this takes time you don't have. 

The exact flawless information provided by 911ip should ease all doubt.    

911ip's Text Messages can make contact when calls can not and drop off. If text can't make contact at first, 911ip's text keep trying for days to do so.  

This is how the actual 911 contact turned out. 

America help stop the tens of thousands needless deaths and maiming of your loved ones each year.   

Thank you Fairfax 911 for your professional help and service . 

In Green 911ip

In White  911

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