Libby and Abby killer.

Who teaches your Kids what to do in bad situations.

Libby and Abby

The girls were at the end of the railroad trestle and they had no place to go. The killer was approaching from the direction they needed to go back.  

Their options should have been to tap on the 911ip Attacked button and take their take photos of him. 

Their automatically found accurate current location within ten feet, county, zip, Attacked, who they are, age,sex.

 In seconds they are ready to tap the Send Arrow if he moved at them. He did and she did and she put the cell in her pocket. 

The 911ip text message and email are gone. In three seconds the text message is at the 911 Delphi call center. 

The 911 call center can instantly dispatch to the pin point location provided by 911ip’s XY coordinates and 911 can now start to accurately track the girls like never before.

911 is using the 911ip text locating system from inside their cell phone. 

The girls parents also received the text message when 911 did. 

Delphi dispatch has an email. They don’t use it but we do. 

911 could have received a copy of the text message with the active google location links and instant photos or video of the killer.


 Since 911 has texting they could have enter the XY and refreshed to have their moving locations.  

Text Messaging 911 allows for instant tracking that has less of a chance of dropping off than voice calls. 

Why didn’t the girls contact 911. They were very knowledgeable about it. Because they did not have 911ip. 

They did not have a way to do all this without talking or raising awareness. 

When ever you have doubts about your situation don’t hesitate contact 911. 

They know you have that right. 

You help stop 70 butt dials a year by using buttons to contact 911. 

Please make pepper spray a standard go to. 

You know the ending of this story. You probably would not be reading this now.


A tap on a 911ip Abducted button should have made the difference.

Haruka finished her dance practice at the University of Texas Austin,Tx.

She called her roommate and said, she was on her six minute walk back to her dorm.

We all learn from knowing what did not work.

Did Haruka know something was wrong. We think so. Pretty girls are always approached and it become a norm.

But when she felt that fear or in a bad situation feeling, she should always contact 911and Informed them she is being staked.
In addition, always pull out her pepper or bear spray.

Don't take no for answer by 911. That is what you pay for on your phone bill each month. This not a free service. When ever you think you are in danger, they are required to help you.

Did she have time to call 911?

Did she have time to tap on a 911ip Abducted or Attacked button. YES

911ip allows 911 to instantly and  accurately start to tracked her as he moved her to the creek.

We all learn from knowing what not to do.

What can your daughter learn from Haruka.

She should have set 911ip's Attacked button to ready when she began her walk along the creek.

With a tap, her current address, XY coordinates Location, Attacked, and ID is instantly at 911and up to 9 text recipients at the same time.

Take a photo if you can where he didn't see her do it. You being able to instantly tap on the Attacked or Abducted button to bring help is huge.

911ip Texting allows 911 to instantly start tracking her as she moves.

Using 911ip your daughter will hopefully have a much better outcome.

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